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Hey all, most of you have, by now, seen the new front page layout. I’ve seen, as I expected, comments that are both positive and negative about it. This is the very first iteration of something that is going to be necessary; imposing order upon chaos. Many of the commenters are ‘power users’ that are on the site 40-60 times a day, so to them, the old method of new posts up top was much simpler, since they saw them as they came out. The problem was (and is), for the more ‘normal’ users who don’t check so frequently, the posts are all but invisible and get pushed all the way down, sometimes before the day even ends. This problem will only be exacerbated as we continue to grow. The front page needed an organized, systemized way for the latests posts for each release to be easily and cleanly located. It has one now.

As always, we welcome any feedback here in the comments, and we are willing to (and planning on) continued iteration to make the front page a useful tool for everyone. Unfortunately, the design for a site originally meant for one novel simply is not going to suffice for a site with ten active translations (or even more as time goes on). We have a lot of smart people here; let us know what improvements can be made!

For those who are completely against it, especially the power users, WordPress has an easy, built-in way of going back to the ‘old’ method for you; just set your main page as (or, which will essentially show all of the posts made in 2015 in chronological order, just like the ‘old’ front page did. Win-win for everyone 🙂

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  1. hm… i’m bookmarking [(series) chap release] page, so i don’t know about the change till now XD
    plus from [Recent Posts] i rarely visit front page… -_- but i think other than (x)H ago, it’s good if you can add the latest chap info.. like
    Against the Gods – c245 – 4H ago
    well thats just my comment XD, (because I’m bookmarking [(series) chap release]. front page change hardly have any effect for me. XD)

    1. That would be helpful, something like this:

      “Coiling Dragon – new: Book 21, Chapter 36 (1 hour ago)”

      This way I could easily browse even on my phone/tablet, without having to scroll to the right and I wouldn’t need to expand every section.

  2. There seems to be an error in the script for me on my browser (ubuntu -> chromium), when the page finishes loading and I click any of the titles in the lower bar, nothing happens. It selects the bar instead and if I click any of the other titles in the lower bar, then it also gets added to the selection, but the bar doesn’t open up to show me the latest post on that title. It only works when the page is still loading and I click on the bar. Even with that (unless thats not how its suppose to work) , when I click the bar again it doesn’t collapse the list it just opened.

  3. hello and good work on the new page 🙂

    i don’t dislike it, i think it is even better since you can see all the novel directly and see more ancien chapter more easily if you missed some day of reading.
    just a small idea to improve it could be to have the listing going in order of release in place of alphabetical (not sure how to explain with few word ^^) one example to clarifie :

    let say atg release a chapter, hop atg go on top of the novel listing, some time after it is coiling dragon that have an update, hop cd is first and atg is second, etc… like that if you come just for the last release (let say like me you receive the mail and come when you receive it to read the chapter in question) it is easier to find it than actually,like if it is an issth chapter you need to found the issth categorie in the middle actually :p
    that’s clearly only a small improvement but i think it can make the listing easier to use 🙂

    continu the good work on the site 🙂
    good day 🙂

  4. I think it’s an improvement. I would sort it according to most recent posts though. The novel with most recent post should be on top. Anyway, I am subscribed, so I know what’s being released ALL THE TIME 🙂

    tl;dr It’s an improvement.

  5. Hi RWX,

    I wanted to mention this for a while but kept forgetting. When I access wuxiaworld with a mobile device, I am unable to click on any of the menus. If i click on menu item Xianxia from the toolbar at top, the link changes to and nothing happens .

    So this new page is a bit difficult to use on mobile device especially if you are a “normal user” on a mobile device, because we cant check old posts, nor can we go via menu to indexes of each novel.
    I am not sure if you are already aware of this- if so, could you tell me if you have a solution?


  6. Well, I’ll assume most of my suggestions have been said already, but it would be nice if I could manually sort the novels into ones I read and ones I don’t. For instance, I don’t really care about Skyfire Avenue updates, I’m waiting for more chapters of that to come out before starting, so if I could move that to the bottom of the list, or just outright hide the dropdown menu for it, it would be convenient in clearing up some of the list. Maybe have something like two boxes, and you drag the ones you don’t want into the second box, which is a dropdown list for all the novels in it. And you can move them back to the first box if you start reading them. As for the ones I am reading, I would much prefer it for them to auto sort in from most recent at the top of the list and down.

    Also, could you move the Recent Posts sidebar above the Follow Sidebar? You haven’t used Twitter since the end of July anyways, and it would make visibility easier for those of us who visit the site more often. Or maybe even move it onto the left of the page. Though if you did that I would prefer if you made the center post a little skinnier so I could keep the site at 125% zoom. Additionally, you could have the actual chapter post inside the bar in addition to what the translator wrote. Then we wouldn’t have to go through 2 links every time. That might be a bit harder to set up though.

    Thanks for all the work on the site. :3

    P.S… Color coded novels?!? I don’t even know. xD

  7. I think it’s a great idea to do this. With so many stories to follow it does condense it up to make it easier. I do have a couple of suggestions.

    -I would like to see the title names stand out a bit more. When I am using the tablet it isn’t as bold as it is on my home cpu.
    -Secondly, I would like to see the list still rotate with the newest updates on top. I stil like the last update time counter on there.

    Sorry if someone else already suggested/asked. I haven’t gone through the list of comments and I am not even sure if you will get to see this, but thank you anyways.

  8. It’s doesn’t look too bad. I can see which story gets updated just fine. It might however put a bit of pressure on the translators to push for more releases seeing that there is now a timer. I don’t want to see translators get burned out like what’s happening to IEW with desolate era.

  9. Would it be possible to sort the series according to the time of last release? Right now it’s static. Can it be made dynamic? Also perhaps make the titles bold.

  10. At first this new layout seemed okay, but when the post all got their times, it somehow looks cluttered. well whatever, at least there’s still that side bar that has the things that display it chronologically. Anyways thanks for the wonderful supply of drugs from here, long live whatever lives long! 😀

    1. if it’s possible, try to sort it somehow like example:

      CD 0 hr ago
      ATG 2 hr ago
      ISSTH 5 hr ago

      unlike now which is like this

      ATG 2 hr ago
      CD 0 hr ago
      ISSTH 5 hr ago

      because if it’s like that above, when almost all novels have the times, people will have to squint their eyes just to see which one was first, well no worries though, like I’ve said there’s still that chronologically timed sidebar there and also the 2015 look hehe 😀

  11. I’m not sure if this has been suggested yet, but would it be possible to put the recent post box directly under the new format of keeping track of updates on the mobile version? As it is it takes a lot of scrolling to get to.

  12. just an idea, but on the general layout of the website, you now added the times to all the novels which im thankful for 🙂

    second idea, could it be possible to make it so that every time there’s a new update on the main page that one gets put on top? just a suggestion, since we can already go to the top of the site if we want to look for a specific novel

  13. Ren,

    First off love the update bar thing. Second, it’s atrocious on my windows phone.

    Second there are some evil evil ads playing on mobile. They don’t play sound but they try and do video which kills my web browser and forces me to reload. It’s not every time the page loads but it happens around half the time. Sometimes I have to reload 3+ times just to finish reading a single chapter.

    On a personal note I’d prefer the to be the default page and the status page to be something like

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