12 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Start of Book 34” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapters!
    I haven’t been caught up for long, but doesn’t finishing a book mean a 1-day break for you? (I thought I saw that a while ago). Don’t get me wrong, you absolutely deserve a break after finishing a book! I was just wondering haha.

    1. Yup it was one day off.

      I think this could be the reason: at that time he was pumping out 14 chapters a week, that’s two chapter daily. Ever since he decreased the the # of chapters from 14 to 10, he had two days free out of the week. So essentially the one day off wouldn’t make sense so it was translated to -2 chapters a week (one day off of the original 14 chapter week meant -2 chapters as well).

      1. thx alot fr the chapters! rest well dont get sick else the churning rate only slows haha, quality as priority.btw – 2 as in minus or dash? just curious 😅

        1. The -2 is what threw me off aswell. I thought that it meant 2 chapters this week, but it’s meant as a minus. So it just means that he has 1 day off, so minus 2 chapters for this week.

      2. It still makes sense, his current schedule is technically 2 ch/weekday, with weekends off (which he uses if he’s behind on releases). Extra weekday off is 2 chapters.

        1. You people are talking like the only work he does is translating. There is a bunch of administrative things with the website as well. And I think the Qidian sh*t isn’t finished either so he has to deal with that too.

          1. I can’t talk for the others, but i know he has a lot more going on. And I think he definitely deserves a break, I was just wondering what the schedule is like since I caught up not too long ago.

          2. I’m confused why you are trying to defend RWX, I’ve skimmed this thread twice, and no one is in any way arguing against his end-of-chapter breaks.

            Some people seemed to be confused about how the 1 day break translated into chapters/week, so I was clearing that up.

            I sense a lot of rage in your comment, and am fairly sure you are misinterpreting everything.

          3. just curious bout how the schedule works cuz i dont really checks on it… so worked up for wat… i think its even btr if he takes the whole week off man. can’t imagine the trouble of even posting everyday and translating

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