33 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Start of Book 29!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Well. It’s still teaser indeed. By the way – i would really appreciate if you would say beforehand on which 5 days you will make updates on DE. It’s always painful to refresh all day for nothing. Thanks for your hardwork 😉 Yes.

      1. I’m subscribed by email, but I get why some people wouldn’t want to since there’s no way to filter which series you get updates for yet, and there are tons of chapters being released each day for series you probably don’t read. Means lots of email spam.
        Although they’ve been saying for a few month now that an updated site is in the works, I think it’s Soon(tm).

    1. Did we get 14 chapters a week back in the days during book-ending weeks? Didn’t we just get 2 chapters a day and with a day off at the end of a book, that’d be 12 chapters? I didn’t really give it much thought, but I guess in that sense 8 chapters makes sense? Otherwise Ren doesn’t get his day off, since he’s trying to reduce his time spent translating with all the things going on in the background.

      Well, as WW continues growing, it probably won’t change for the better unless he hires a secretary or so to take over some work. Though didn’t he (try) hire someone for that already? But I guess to negotiate stuff with rights holders, he’ll still have to be present, so maybe when this fase passes, it will improve? It all depends on whether he himself wants to get back into full-time translating or whether he’s content taking a (half) step backwards.

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