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  1. By the way keep checking the tracker because if he turn it on at home then the phone will appear as last see there. So then you can directly go to where he lives

  2. You really need to look after your stuff better, unless it is literally being lifted off of your person. you get something stolen every couple of months which is insane.

  3. I have suggestion regarding finding lost devices or stolen devices. There is a special device called Tile Tracker which can track the tile hidden on your phone or keys etc. The main point is, you can use Tile App on another device to track the device that has the Tile attached to it. But I don’t have much of understanding over how those things work. Aside from that, they use the network of Karma to find what has been injusticely taken away from you.

    1. Tile tracker only works if the phone is powered on, connected to the internet, and the thief hasn’t wiped the phone. So same issue as any other phone tracker: It gets defeated by turning off the phone

  4. Hello, idk if u will read this, Ren, but police can track any phone and call it even if he changes sim card. If u still have box or some documents from buying that phone, u should be able to find the IMEI number, which police can use to find the person who stole it and call him. Hope it helps. I just think that it needs to be turned on :/ but i am not sure

    1. That “sometimes” works in the US. Laws may be different in China or w/e Ren is at. And it gets defeated the moment the phone leaves the country or the thief changes the IMEI(Yes you can change the IMEI with a specialized device). Plus the police need a warrant in order to get the telecom companies in America to track a phone down even with the owner’s permission

      1. Yeah, u are right, for me, in Europe, it always worked out, so I just wanted to give this idea to people around ^^. I know people can change IMEI, but tbh, most people wont, its not that common now, it was more common few years ago, but yeah, I dont know what the situation is at Ren’s place :/ Well, at my place, I just need evidence that its my phone (original box with the IMEA sticker and some docs that I paid for it) and police can start tracking easily.

  5. I also got mine stolen/lost recently and I was pissed.
    Now I tend to only buy them in used/refurbished conditions and avoid the newest ones (got old Iphone 6s).

    BTW, thanks for the chaps…

  6. It’s not Ren’s fault. Thieves are getting more creative nowadays and harder to detect. Once you fall victim to one, you’ll wonder how did it happen when you were so careful.

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