New DE Chapters Released! Book 40, Chapters 14-15

Hey guys, as I mentioned in Patreon (forgot to say so here, sorry), I’ve somehow fixed my sleep schedule, which has been whacky for a year! I used to fall asleep around 4 AM, and so I posted right before that. I’ve now fixed my sleep schedule so that I’m sleeping from midnight until 9 AM, which is a much more normal circadian rhythm. As a result, you’ll be seeing posts at a different time as we adjust to a ‘new normal’. Cheers!

Book 40, Chapter 14 – A Perfect Technique
Book 40, Chapter 15 – Autarch Ekong

12 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 40, Chapters 14-15” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Oh wow that sucks for me… I used to read before sleeping at around 12 but now I have to wait to almost 5am. I guess I’ll start reading in the morning instead. Thank you so much for translating this amazing novel!!

  2. Good effort!
    I once had a sleeping pattern of 8/9am – 4/5pm, entirely nocturnal. Had it for about 4 months, worst 4 months of my life. But necessary in a way.
    Hope you’re enjoying the sun and morning air now that you’re sleeping properly. Hope everything has been going well. ^_^

  3. Great to hear that you fixed your sleep pattern. Health is really essential. I think exercise and healthy food with cultivation ( 😛 meditation, I mean ) would really help. All the best.

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