New DE Chapters Released! Book 37, Chapters 3-5

Sorry for the slight delay guys; no excuses, I shall poke myself with a needle (but only gently) to express my shame. I just freakin’ fell asleep at a stupid early hour due to jet lag and woke up just now (at 4 AM). New links up on Patreon as well. These are the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth chapters of the week! The eleventh and twelfth chapters for last week came courtesy of Autarch Althani and Autarch Prophet, while the ones for this week came courtesy of Autarch Figaro and Autarch Sean. Praise them with great praisingS!

Book 37, Chapter 3 – Ji Ning and Silksnow
Book 37, Chapter 4 – Eruption
Book 37, Chapter 5 – Foreordained Results

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  1. Gotta say that “but only gently” made me literally laugh out loud. Also there’s no need to worry about it, you’ve gotta be one of if not the most consistent translator I’ve ever seen even with all the shit that goes on in your life.
    P.S. thanks a ton for the chapters

  2. Thank you for the chapters.
    For me, feel free to sleep as much as you need…
    With the expansion of the webnovels here from last year, there is really a lot to catch up, an new ones to read.
    Reader frustration lasts less than heath issue due to overwork, jet lag or whenever life throws you a curveball.

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