New DE Chapters Released! Book 37, Chapters 24-25

Hey guys, here are the seventh and eighth chapters of the week. New Patreon links will be up shortly as well. Anyone else looking forward to Xmas? I’ll be in Chengdu celebrating it with my grandpa, who just so happens to be turning 89 on Dec 26th. Makes me wonder if I’ll live to such a ripe old age! 😀

Book 37, Chapter 24 – Meeting Winterflame Again
Book 37, Chapter 25 – Time Flows Like Water, the Three Realms Perish

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  1. Tell your grandpa I said happy birthday. And merry Christmas to you rwx, your grandpa and your entire family. Have fun and enjoy yourselves. And yea, hopefully we can all live to that age. 😀

  2. Thanks !!!
    Happy holidays to everyone here in Wuxiaworld~ !!

    Wow, these chapters are definitely my favorite this month.
    Finally, more details about the Three Realms !!
    And that teaser chapter… hehehe

  3. Happy Holidays Ren. And you’re funny. You think us readers will let you die before you reach 100. We need you to keep translating until you have translated everything! Lol

  4. Thank you RWX for the chapters, also wondering how you will think about Wuxiaworld when you will get 86.
    How many books will you have translated and what the culture will be at this time as China is influencing more and more the word.
    That’s said, happy Xmas in advance (going on holiday and cutting internet).
    Take care of you and take care of your grandpa !

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