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        1. To clarify, when the public chapters were released yesterday patron chapters did not get released for another 6 hours or so. Ren was nice enough to give us today’s chapters early in addition to yesterday’s at the same time.

          1. he did not give us today’s chapter early, it was late, usually after 24 hours it comes but was way over that today….and i don’t mind if the chapters are late, what i mind is if he held them back just cause the patreon people were b*tching(which is what is implied in his comment)…him posting 6h late got nothing to do with us, so why “punish” us per se

          2. Honestly, don’t worry about things that don’t concern you 😉

            You didn’t get chapters 7-8 ‘late’, Patreons got chapters 7-8 almost a full day early… so now they have to wait slightly longer for chapters 9-10.

          3. @rwx its was later than usual but then again no official time for your releases, i just pay attention to updates so i see the thread…..but i digress, you the one that mentioned it in your post and seemed to imply something else which is what i wanted more clarification on, but since you say its non of my business not much i can do. Just rubs me the wrong way

        2. Observe ur eyes man. Look how terrible u put it into ur words: ‘Patreon people b*tch and you’. Lol… Is that how we supposedly show our manners to make some good and amiable remarks or commentaries? Act and show your words with good manners and right conduct. That’s GMRC for u man.

          Thanks for the chapters ren and team!

          1. Even if ren delayed, so what? He owes u none.

            What makes ren keeps going on translating is his motivation from the readers support.

            Those who read and cannot enthusiastically wait goes for patreon thus makes the chapters viably increase in numbers.

            And with your words a while ago, do you think it’s encouraging?

            Do not complaint.
            Just try to understand.
            Be respectful.
            Be grateful.

            Cultivate the Dao of Patience so you may gain enlightenment.

            Chill out brother. Amithaba!

          2. okay, this is over text so i doubt you can get my proper tone, and because i use the word “b*tching” you assuming i’m being disrespectful, but have you seen the comments on yesterday’s post? The majority of patreon people lacked manners, since that’s what you all about…and i think saying they were “b*tching” is a very accurate way to describe their attitude. So before coming at me for stating simple observation/fact why don’t you tell them to fix their manner/stop b*tching.

          3. @akisame:
            You could make a case that he was a little brusque, but why does he have to be perfectly polite? He was fairly neutral about it.

          4. I had a long discussion in the 20 dollar patreon thread with a guy who belittled and insulted everyone who did not agree with him. When I called him out on that fact he started insulting me.
            I see that razor is not this type of person but this happens way too often.
            My previous post was partly due that. Sorry for that.

  1. It’s one thing to be respectful and supportive but its another thing to be ignorant and having a mob mentally and i’m starting to notice more of the latter nowadays smh

  2. Hey ren, thanks for the chapter. Looks like one can’t please everybody. Anyway it’s always fun reading the novels, so keep on with the great work. Thanks again.

      1. i’m not a jerk for questioning things and wanting clarification, i’m just not a mob who takes whats given even if i don’t like it or understand fully, and based on your baseless accusation i am sure you didn’t read all the comments that follows.

        Also the fact that you think this is a “free service” just goes to show how ignorant you are. I’d educate you on it but just can’t be bother with every naive person out there.

        And don’t get me wrong i appreciate the service, i even respect rwx for the fact he can say stuff like chapters were late cause i fell asleep….but that doesn’t mean i won’t question him or offer criticism.

  3. hi, can anyone help me out? i’m thinking i want a bookcover edition of Coiling dragon, went to amazon and i only saw kindle editions, weren’t they released as book form? 🙂 if any1 can tell me where to find or tell me that they are not availible~ please :p

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