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      1. It’s kind of weak that everyone seems to think so lowly of “Free readers”, like they’re some kind of trash that do not also contribute to the site as a whole, So sad.
        If it’s so, then i’d like to ask RWX/Ren, take down WUXIA site, and just keep the patreon active…..
        Since all “Free readers” are trash leechers.

        1. Are you seriously saying that you free leeches are contributing more than us Hegemons who donate 100$ every month?
          No one is saying that the lot of you free readers are utter trash, free readers are just not as important as the patrons who are paying money, which is an undeniable fact.

        2. Wow, why are you getting so defensive? Unless I’m missing something, nobody on patreon is referring to wuxiaworld readers as leeches or trash.

          I think people on Patreon realize that they were once free readers too, so there is nothing condescending there.

          The issue is not free readers or WW, it’s about who was in line first. The argument for Patreon is that they are essentially paying to have their seat up closer to the show, but now they also want to get into the show before everyone else too. IMO it makes sense. It’s like first class vs biz class vs economy on flights.

          No one wants free readers to stop getting posts, no one wants to shut down the site. We just would like to make sure we can get in our seat in a timely manner is all.

          Also, if anyone called you or someone else trash or leecher for being a free user, I apologize on their behalf. That’s not cool.

        3. Yeah gonna put this out there that I only pay 5 a month and i contribute quite literally 1-10 thousand times more than you do. With the rampant use of ad blocker, that amount might even increase. Please explain to me again how, your whining is “contribution” please.

          Also, We are directly contributing knowing that we’re giving our money away. You know what that is? That’s called a service, and I expect my service to provide before the common community. I’m literally paying for it unlike you.

          1. i hear your point but to be fair your paying for the advance chapters, which you get…getting chapters posted first wasn’t part of the deal. also release time/who gets chapter first is up to ren…and i think he is making that decision based on how he just kinda started the thing so he actually never thought about it and just following routine or that the “free readers” are way more than patreon and as a whole make him more money than the patreon people. Thats just my deduction of the situation.

        4. No one said free readers are “trash readers”, nor the fact that they don’t contribute to the site as a whole, but you.

          These guys are just pointing out that they are not getting their money’s worth. Likewise if this continues then I may have to withdraw

          1. Meh IMHO people really need to relax, just go smoke a fat blunt.
            After said blunt if you still have the energy to do anything other than sit on your couch and eat your way through a weeks worth of provisions,Then and only then can you start complaining about release times, which I still think is irrelevant since Ren will release them when he wakes up anyway…

          2. Honestly I have tight schedule, so I only one time per day to read WW and thats right before bed.

            I was already considering to stop for next month, something like this happening justs makes that decision easier

      1. I disagree with this point of view, yes you need patience in life but at the same time wouldn’t you be frustrated if something you are paying for (I donate $20-$50 monthly btw depending on if I will have time to read ahead) isn’t provided to you but others who do not donate still receive it. I don’t personally care if Ren had an issue and wasn’t able to update Patreon or simply took a nap because he always makes good but for those who are upset its understandable. So unless you donate don’t comment on how people need patience.

        1. @Earl Weird, I donate just about the same as you. So by your logic I am totally alright telling people to be patient. Thank you for the support =) . Also, I personally disagree with your statement about how it’s understandle that people are upset over something like this. If people let little inconsequential things like this affect their lives, then they are going to have a tough time in life. I’m totally fine with you disagreeing with my opinion cause it’s a free internet (I’d say world but we all no that’s not true, and the internet isn’t always either haha). I just don’t like your ending sentence and felt like it was a bit agressive. My trolling is now over 😂

          1. Uhm I donate not much and I don’t mind late chapters so whatever. But if your paying for a product or service and your expected to give your money first an wait on your product or service with no scheduled date of delivery of completion or delay wouldn’t you be upset? No I’m no justifying rude behavior but when money is involved their are certain expectations.

      2. LUL “gotta have patience for the thing your actually paying money for”. Why don’t you go to mcdonalds, buy a big mac and tell them to make it for you in 4 hours pls.

      1. I don’t really care since I don’t donate a lot and I am not in a hurry. But for the people that actually donate 50-100$/month, how do you think they feel when Ren forgets them?

        No matter how much patience people have, they will still feel bad.

    1. Dude you’re not paying to get advanced chapters to be posted before regular chapters, the schedules could be different and it would not matter, because you’re paying for advanced chapters and that is what you get, when ren post it. i can understand if days go by and the regular chapters actually start catching up, but until then SH*T THE FU*K UP and wait.

  1. For Americans: what are your opinions/concerns about the FCC vote tomorrow about the repeal on net neutrality?
    For the rest of the world: Do your countries have problems about net neutrality?

    F.Y.I. I am curious and interested in your opinions.

    1. We need net neutrality, if you have comcast able to decide which websites have priority bandwidth or even deciding that some sites don’t get any bandwidth it starts to become a violation of free speech and limits new ideas.

      1. If the vote repeals net neutrality it will drive costs up not down as the FCC chairman claims. I would be less inclined to hate it if ALL areas had multiple cable/internet companies to choose from which would at least help cause competitive rates and discourage each the type of behavior we all know will occur but as it stands in most locations there are 1 POSSIBLY 2 providers to choose from so if your only choice is say Comcast as the gentleman above mentioned you are stuck following what websites they choose for you to access without premiums.

        1. It’s lame they have to mess with the net when it’s fine as is. Trump is being a baby about all this “fake news”. Sounds more like he’s trying to cover up his dirtiness. But who knows I can be wrong. I’m definitely not liking the idea of paying for individual internet services

          1. Well, I’m not American, but net neutrality is important:
            – while choosing one’s provider is good for the consumers (it drives quality up and prices down), it’s not enough for websites/services
            – websites/services need to be accessible by everyone, which is to say through each internet provider
            – if you can put a cost on accessibility, websites/services won’t be able to simply choose the lowest price or the highest quality (which would be good for the consumers), but will have to pay each and every internet provider a fee without any ability to negociate (or maybe very big ones like google will be able to say “give me the best or people won’t be able to access google through you”, which – I guess – could work if people can switch providers… but even then, that’s a pure power play and it could also be use to ask providers to remove accessibility from competitors)

  2. News Update!!!! THE FCC vote results came at 3-2 for repealing net neutrality. The three obviously are republicans. The two are democrats. How screwed are we? Opinions/rage comments, I like to hear your thoughts.

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