New DE Chapters Released! Book 36, Chapter 6-7

Happy Thanksgiving! Big thanks to Insane for helping me so much the past few days. Explanation and status update below the jump, and new links up on Patreon shortly!

Book 36, Chapter 6 – Refusal
Book 36, Chapter 7 – Success

So as all of you reading this know, this has been a miserable week. I’ve spent around 71 or so of the past 72 hours on the sickbed, doing nothing but just suffering. We were sure that I had strep throat and so was using penicillin accordingly, but earlier this morning (US) time I realized that not only had there been no improvement in fever/throat pain, I was actually feeling worse. I felt sure that I wasn’t going to be able to do anything for several days, which is why I asked Insane to post for me.

We went to the emergency room at a nearby Kaiser Permanente hospital, where after an half an hour the doctor finally came around to see me. He had me open my mouth, used a tongue depressor on me… then actually flinched. His exact words were, “Oh wow, that is a nasty, nasty case of pharyngitis. That just LOOKS painful.” A bit later, when I mentioned that over-the-counter pain medication like Tylenol had been having no effect, he kind of just rolled his eyes at me: “Of course it wouldn’t. Have you SEEN your throat?”

So there’s good news and bad news for me. The bad news is, its probably not bacterial/strep after all, just viral… albeit one of the worst viral inflammations the doctor’s seen in quite some time. This means no amount of antibiotics will have an effect, which is why the amoxicillin/penicillin did nothing. The good news is, at least it wasn’t some of the really serious things I was worried about, like a peritonsillar abscess or a fungal infection of some sort. We’ll have to wait to see the results of the swab test to figure out exactly what it is, but he seemed professionally confident that it was actually viral.

Given the severity of my case and the recurrent fevers, I was sent home with narcotic-strength painkillers, a two-day supply of an anti-inflammation steroid, and a big tube of lidocaine to be used as needed. I’ve never used stuff like this before, but it’s undeniably effective; instead of feeling like I’m constantly on the brink of death, I merely feel miserable. I can work with miserable.

I’m obviously not going to be up to full capacity, and staring at the computer screen for more than 20 minutes at a time gives me headaches, but I still have two more chapters left in my stockpile. I should be able to slowly piece together a chapter a day, which would take us to the end of this week… and hopefully by then, I’ll have seen some improvement.

This has kind of been a sucky Thanksgiving, but I’m thankful for my parents for taking so good care of me, I’m thankful that I no longer feel at the verge of death, and I’m thankful for all of your support. As for the turkey? I’ll see you in 2018, I guess!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving RWX. I’ll be praying for your fast recovery. (Of course that’s not a command, by all means, take your time if you need it) 🙂

    1. Sometime’s google helps a bunch, and sometimes it just causes mass panic, lol. Get well soon rex, i know everyone is saying don’t worry about the chapters and health comes first, and you might think we’re just saying it to say it, but honestly, forget about this. Get your things together, we can/will wait.

      1. Google itchy skin rash -> you have skin cancer
        Google sore stomach -> you have stomach cancer
        Google headache -> you have brain cancer
        Google sore bum -> you now have AIDS

        GG Google

  2. Ren, seriously, wtf. I’m sorry, but I do NOT want you to post chapters this week. You are seriously sick, you need bedrest and some chicken noodle soup. Don’t do your work, we can wait a week for content 99% of us get for free. I’m fairly confident the patrons will be just as fine with this as I am. Seriously, don’t bother posting chapters. We understand your dedication but you need to rest damn it.

    1. Honestly, I’m so sick of resting that I WANT to try and do this. I’ve spent 72 hours doing literally nothing but lying on a bed and alternating between shivering and sweating. Some translating will be good for me, as long as I don’t overdo it, and my momma’s already told me she’s taking the laptop away if I overdo it 😀

      1. As much as I love DE and getting news about another release (especially with this volume), rest is best. Take the time to really contemplate the Dao of Resting. Otherwise people might actually try and donate just to get you to stop. Get well and come back whenever. Don’t get hung up on the soon.

      2. Take your time. We are all willing to wait so dont feel pressured. Also just think about how great a week long cliffhanger would be right here. Right before a big power reveal and face slapping extravaganza. That would be an epic cliffhanger.

        Then just have a giant I am healthy celebration. Maybe I read too many sadistic novels…

        1. …..for patreon people it is slightly better…….
          still….this is a better point in the story to take a break than a low point. I have read stories that took a break at a low point and I couldn’t get into the story anymore after a (long) period of time passed.
          The same is not true for people who took a break at an epic cliffhanger.

          I really do hope that Ren gets well soon and can stop with the pain medication. That shit is truly evil (especially in corrupt america).

  3. Dude, most people take a month or so for sick leave. You just go to the hospital, rob em of their medications, and go back to trucking. Don’t do that. Don’t go back to trucking. Do go take their drugs, and do take a month off for sick leave, and this last one is the most important, DO go get better.

  4. Gonna have to get on that bandwagon and tell you to take it easy for a while until you are back to 100%. I’d prefer missing a week of chapters than you getting more and more sick because you’re pushing yourself.

  5. please stop posting chapters if your feeling miserable. your health is more important than a deadline. I know you have a patreon but even if you have to refund a 4th of everyones money for one month (so you can take a week off) I think it would be worth it.

  6. Ren! Just stop trying to translate and get your rest! We care more about you doing well than getting timely chapters. Especially when you’re keeping us in the loop like this, there’s no good reason for anyone to be complaining about you not releasing chapters. And if they do, that’s because they have a problem and not you.

  7. Ren you know that for us you are way more important than chapters. Please take some rest instead of working. We won’t mind if you miss some chapters because of this. Its okay if you are fine with working on a computer when you have a cold but if you are getting headaches then stop and sleep for sometime. Sleep does wonders for your health.

  8. Hmm… I’ll go torture some cats. And try to do some necromancy against curses. Maybe that’ll help.
    Get well soon Ren. I’d recommend taking a few more days off.

  9. I have speed read the comments and I see 90% of the comments is basically everyone advising REN to rest and not to over do it and i completely support them but here is another perspective, when i was young i got sick a lot and by a lot i mean twice every month no matter the weather and it is the kind of sickness that i need to take a leave from school so here is the thing I preferred playing games or studying or doing whatever to just lying in bed contemplating the dao of resting as one of the comments mentioned especially doing anything that takes my mind off of my sickness and most of sick times was me having a high fever.

    That’s my 50 cents, hope you get well soon and happy thanksgivings REN.

  10. Dang you’re thankful? We’re thankful. Feeling miserable, staying in bed, going to the hospital and still giving us leeches our chapters. This is above and beyond. Thank you very much for your hard work

    1. I know right he made this awesome website for us to read these amazing books for free, and ren is continuously helping this website, and community while he is posting chapters constantly even when he is this sick. Every chapter I am just consistently thankful that all of this exists.

  11. Ren, take your time to heal yourself, go take a walk or play some games to rest your mind. dont bother with the chapters…. i have finished the novel anyway 😛
    get well soon…

  12. Hey,
    Hope you get better soon and enjoy some of the thanksgiving celebrations.
    I just wanted to say, with my limited medical knowledge as a student, that the antibiotics not working may be due to an abscess as antibiotics are unable to enter abscesses!
    So if you notice any breathing difficulties/noises or are finding it painful/hard to swallow or any neck lumps it’ll be good to get checked up again!
    Again I hope you have the swiftest recovery and take some time off!

  13. Wow, either you know a lot about medicine or you’ve been crazily Googling your symptoms. It’s well known that Dr Google is a quack. I bet he told you that your throat had to be removed if you wanted to survive.

    It’s in your and our best interests to take a break from work entirely and fully recover first. If you force yourself physically or mentally, it might take longer to recover. That will be misery for you and us. Really, this is about the common good.

  14. Take a break, de-stress, if you worry about your chapter quota? you can always catch them up in a few months with just 1~2 extra a week: and that’s assuming you stop translating and take a week or two off.

    Us readers can wait for your sick leave. Also, we are very prone to anger/happiness when we expect chapters and either don’t get them or get extra vs. what we had expected.
    (currently expected zero so happy for chapters, sad you aren’t feeling well)

  15. I’m really thankful for everything you do, too (for both DE and the community). And sorry to hear you can’t enjoy the turkey. It’s wonderful that you were able to get good help from your parents, and that doctor who prescribed such strong medicine. Rest well.

  16. Hey Ren, your health is the more important thing now you know 🙂 so don’t overstress yourself with the work! We all are worried about you and hope you get better soon 🙂 Best wishes from Paraguay.

  17. Ren first looking a screen causes you to feel worse the next just take a break for a few days. We understand and r more than happy to wait until you get better.

  18. So, last year I got a nasty viral infection just in time for thanksgiving(to the point of being unable to eat solid foods)….but my grandma had just moved into town, I basically got quarantined to the empty house my parents had just moved out of and were prepping to rent out for a month because I didn’t want to get anyone else sick. I went a bit stir-crazy cause I wasn’t even going to work(food place and all, after I wasn’t directly contagious I contacted the owner and told them what was going on to say it was up to them and they decided I should stay away till there was no way I was contagious) so I understand your desire to do something. I also know, however, that you need to take care of yourself because that situation can be physically and mentally draining.
    Do what you need to do but take care of yourself too. This story is becoming a bit addicting to me but I’d rather you get better and be able to translate in the future then work yourself until you can’t.
    Thank you for all of your hard work, we all really appreciate it.

  19. Gotta love the community. All of us refresh multiple times a day to see if there is a new chapter, but all of us would rather you feel and go a few days without chapters.

    Feel better, get some rest.

  20. Ren if you think it is better for yourself to translate you should do thst but please throw the schedule out the window till you are better. I dont know hpw many agree with me on this point but yoi dont have to keep count of missed chapters and just pick the schedule back up when you are better. Until then just throw out a chapter when you have one finished.
    Get well soon and hope you will enjoy your forced holiday evem though you are not feeling that well.

  21. Damn man, you are truly a trooper. Posting chapters when you are this sick! Whenever I get sick I am like. Yes now I can just sleep for 2 days, and then take a week off, and I would not nearly be as sick as you. Though I guess that is cause I am lazy you got a way better work ethic than me, but seriously man you are just a badass. Not to endorse working this much when you are this sick. I mean do what you think will make you feel better, but don’t work too hard there isn’t any point in making the condition worse. I am sure everyone here has at least 2 more books on this site that they are reading while reading this book. I know I am! Anyways, man, you are a badass with an amazing work ethic, and I just hope you get better man. Translate when you want right now but don’t work yourself too hard cause we all enjoy what you do, but not when you are miserable doing it.

    1. Reading 11 nooks woth this one in the count. And i already am storing up on chapters for arount 5 to 10 more XD. And in the mean time i try to read some of the finished stories from start to finish.

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