New DE Chapters Released! Book 35, Chapters 8-9

Hi all, here are the first two chapters of the week! This time period (around 9 PM – 10 PM, China time) will tentatively be the new ‘regular’ time for chapters. Advance notice – this may change/switch around 10 days from now, as I’ll be back in the U.S. for Thanksgiving and I very probably won’t be able to get up at this time period in California! I saw people supporting both ‘single chapter’ releases and ‘double chapter’ releases, so I’ll stick with double chapter (but regularly scheduled) releases for now! I’m also happy to note that the first four Autarch slots are already filled, so we’ll definitely have 12 chapters for the next two weeks in November!

Links will be up on Patreon as well.

Book 35, Chapter 8 – Daolord Coldsky
Book 35, Chapter 9 – Omnigeddon Bloodfruit Tree

Godsfall chapters coming up in the next few hours!

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  1. Thanks for the chapters!
    I’m glad you kept the chapters together, i prefer it that way.
    Wow, Autarch tier is already sold out? Damn, some people have too much money lol.

  2. Thanks for the chapters! I love how everyone is so divided on this one >< but I am also for keeping the releases together! I dislike only having a single chap to read 😛

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