7 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 35, Chapters 5-6” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hope you’ve rose up from the depression, like a sun. Sometime you have to deep down to the darkness before shine your brightest splendor. I looking forward to post my original here may be in later years.

    Keep healthy and spirited,

  2. RWX, I love to read @ wuxiaworld. I even unblock my ad-blocker specially at your site to show support. The thing is, this site now has probably 5 ad videos in autorun. This is really, really bad. Everytime I open your site to read, my CPU usage spike to 90-100% usage which cause my 40°C processor berserk to 70°C and sometimes goes beyond 90°C to 100°C if I open multiple tab and leave it unattended. I notice the high heat, when my screen suddenly go blurry, and immediately go checking the heat sensor reading.

    My point is, please don’t accept ads with video on autorun. If it’s just gif, probably still ok, but not ok with video. Image ads would be preferable.

  3. Howdy Ren,
    I not sure if you have already noticed but some scam artists are using your site to advertise. The ad is as follows:
    This is not a joke! You are our 1.000.000th visitor!
    Online {followed by the current date and time in here}
    You have been selected now!
    Our random winners selection system could choose you to win AN APPLE PRODUCTE. {yes that spelling is actually used at least once. I have a screenshot with the spelling PRODUCTE and another one with the spelling PRODUCT. There seem to be a couple of variants though they are all adsalsa.

    It also is surrounded normally by a gif car or cherry border…
    I have noticed that it has been advertising on this site for some time now and thought that I would let you know.

    Anyways thank you for the amazing translations and chapters ! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into giving us lucky people good quality translations.

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