New DE Chapters Released! Book 35 Begins!

Hey guys, here’s the start to Book 35! Honestly, I was counting and I’m feeling a bit excited; we only have around half a year’s worth of chapters left before this story is over, around 283 chapters by my count. Exciting! This will probably be the last IET novel that I do for some time, and it feels a bit bittersweet. Anyhow, get ready for Book 35: The Aeonian Race! New links will be up on Patreon shortly as well.

Book 35, Chapter 1 – Realmship
Book 35, Chapter 2 – Bazu

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  1. Thanks for the chapters and I was so wrong in my estimations. I expected the chapters to come today in the afternoon or tomorrow morning, did not expect it come so early.

  2. Thanks! 🙂

    Also few suggestions for possible next project:

    Swallowing the Heavens, This is awesome novel which unfortunately got dropped, got started again but seems to be dropped again by LESYT, and is not a Qidian novel..

    Spirit Luo Ring, One of my favorite novels. I have actually read this to over 600 chapters in raws and the story gets even better further you read. Unfortunately this is a Qidian Novel so I dont know if it is ever possible for someone to translate it.

  3. Exciting, I remember when Linley wasn’t even a saint, and look where we are now?

    It’s probably no bad thing though, IET is good, but he does have his own style, re:”looks like a tomato tastes like a tomato, I eat tomatoes”
    So it will probably be fun having a main project by someone else 🙂

  4. I really want you to translate Lord Xue Ying is an amazing novel the cultivation system is incredible and the MC is different from the others this does not seek immortality or revenge (first volumes could be said yes) but he realizes that this is not his way, he does not train to become stronger, he trains to improve his spear arts everything else is secondary the MC deviates from his path but even then he realizes then we can see a great evolution of the character and that is what I think it makes her a good novel

  5. It really pains me to know you won’t translate more of IET’s works. IET has become my favorite author and it pains me to have to read his amazing novels like Swallowed Star with subpar translations.

  6. I swear some people here don’t even bother to read the post…Which part of “This will probably be the last IET novel that I do for some time” do they not understand?

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