27 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 34, Chapters 24-25” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I’m a little confused. In the previous chapter release you said “6 more to go” and now after 2 chapters it is “2 more to go”. Sorry if you already said, just curious.

        1. Even if he just giving 8 chapters this week and 10 next week, I’m cool with it, I just want him to say so, (would be appreciated if he add why), that way I’m not expecting any more chapters.

  2. Excuse me? You mean 4 more to go. No excuses. You promised two bonus last week, didn’t deliver and now you’re trying to say only 2 more this week? No. Get your shit together or stop promising something you can’t deliver.

    1. The guy posted not so long ago that he was in a dark place and struggling, In the grand scheme of things your comments are more then a little egocentric.

        1. Yeah I get your point but something’s are out of people’s control, let’s say you promise to get something done for your job but then get into a car accident and can’t do, then what? I hope he isn’t lying about mental illness just to get out of delivering on his promises but if he is going thru shit and can’t make it, just have to get him time. Besides not like he isn’t known to make it up when he doesn’t deliver so just be patient.

          1. No, it’s about accountability. Which apparently doesn’t exist to the community on this site.

          2. @NappatheSaiyan Once again…if there is a concept of accountability, it is a matter between him and his Patreons, not you. Your feelings of entitlement are preventing you from grasping this key point.

      1. Like it or not: the world isn’t fair and Ren is the ONLY one that provides us with a good DE translation.

        Sure you can hold him accountable for every lil thing he said and will say, but in the end he is only human and may or may not break down => nobody wins.

    2. Chill, dude. it’s not like REN’s not doing his best on translating, he also has real life situation we can’t understand. we just have to be thankful of what’s being translated this week regardless of the promised chapters(every week). go find yourself reading some light novel that’ll waste some of your time rather than blabber about this.

      ps: i hope for you to understand how dull life becomes in a repeated work so at least give him some time to rest or enjoy. 😀

  3. I just wish we would get some kinda info when the chapters are late or not even coming out..

    And i know Ren doesnt have a set schedule for posting chapters, but the 5/10 mins a day to let ppl know when or if there will be any chapters isnt to much to ask imo.. the number of times ived stayed up late waiting for chapters for no reason because they were late or didnt come out at all really is annoying when it could be prevented so easily…

    When all is said and done Ren allways delivers but if we could get the above info aswell, it would help alot ppl i think, and i dont think anyone would be complaining anymore.

    1. He can’t exactly know when the chapters are coming – he just sits down and starts translating. Once he has them ready, he obviously posts. But speed of translation and other matters taking time are unpredictable. Remember, he isn’t only translating, he’s running the whole site.

  4. Thank you for the translation!! Hey, just so you know that it’s only this very small amount of people that thinks the way this coments show.. you can just look at the positive coments you got on the personal post you made and compare with this handfull of, honestly.. ignorant egoistic people. I’m sure you must want to do your job the best you can and that the people tha truly appreciate your work cares about you and want you to be well so you can bring us more awesome content on the long run. This is actually my second comment on this site (both of them on your posts) in a few years of reading.. Sorry.. I know I should show more gratitude and I’m working on it! Thank you again!

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