New DE Chapters Released! Book 33, Chapters 5-6

Happy mooncake day (aka MidAutumn Festival), everyone! Hope you all had lots of mooncakes to eat, for those of you who are Asian, in Asia, or just like Asian holidays. My old man’s in town as well, having flown in from the States to celebrate. It’s nice seeing him!

Book 33, Chapter 5 – The Grovekeepers
Book 33, Chapter 6 – Command Seals

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12 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 33, Chapters 5-6” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. HJC is done for … Ren is done for… Wuxiaworld is done for…

      Unless they update this website and give us a mobile app; heck i’ll even accept ads for every new chapter if they do this. The opportunities were always there but they didn’t take it. This should have happened with Wuxiaworld’s second birthday(the app and web updates) but…..*sigh* maybe its the abnormal fear of hackers in china.

      1. The Qidian app is nice, but that doesn’t mean that Wuxiaworld is done for. Like WTH man, there are amazing translators here. Just the fact that Qidian is also in town doesn’t mean Wuxiaworld will just disappear…

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