New DE Chapters Released! Book 33, Chapters 11-12 + Godsfall Update

Readers, here are the ninth and tenth chapters for this week. Happy reading! New links will be up on Patreon shortly.

Book 33, Chapter 11 – Winesage Arrives
Book 33, Chapter 12 – The Third World

I owe you guys an explanation on Godsfall. To be honest, I’ve avoided discussing this because mom sometimes still reads these releases, and I don’t want to worry her. Long story short, for the past month or so I’ve been in a weird mental funk/mild depression and have just been hiding in my apartment without really coming out. Not sure why; a mixture of burnout and some personal issues I guess. It’s been hard to find the motivation to do literally anything at all. The only thing keeping me doing DE is the fact that I know that literally tens of thousands of readers and hundreds on hundreds of Patreons are waiting for the chapters every week… and I actually appreciate that. That ‘whip’ has been keeping me going instead of just completely hunking down and just wallowing in the mental mud even deeper.

I really love Godsfall, but since it doesn’t have a Patreon or that large of a readerbase, it just went by the wayside along with a lot of my other responsibilities. I think I’m slowly getting over it, and I’m at the point where I’m starting to get back to normal, mentally speaking. I’ve been slowly been kicking myself, trying to get my ass in gear again, and I’ll be pushing myself to start handling all those non-DE responsibilities again, Godsfall included.

Sorry for the silence, and thanks for your patience. I’m climbing back on that horse again.

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  1. Thanks for all the hard work Ren, I can empathize with you about the mental funk, happens to me too, it can be really tough doing anything while in that state of mind. Cheers for soldiering on!

  2. That sucks man, glad that you’re getting out of it now though, but if you ever get down in a rut again, only translate as much as it helps, if it ever starts doing more harm than good for your motivation, just take a break man.

  3. best of luck getting through it, you have done so much for these stories and this community, i will read godsfall at some point, there are just so many stories on the site.. can’t do it all at once 😛 though i wish i could. And you should only do as much as you can mentally handle as well, depression can hurt people for longer than they think sometimes, but it is nice to hear you’re getting better 🙂

  4. Keep it up ren, I’ve been reading your translation since you tried to translate ST and CD. It’s really helping me through a lot of shit. I’m sure you can find your way through this.
    and thanks for all of chapter that you translate…

  5. Thanks for the hard work, Ren. I’ve been here practically since the start and you’ve done a good job. And keeping the bow tight for so long is bound to have some backlash. My advice stave off your other things like godsfall a bit longer until you’re really feeling up to it again. Otherwise you’ll have a high possibility of starting a loop of feeling down, getting better and immediately take up too much work, feeling down again, etc.

  6. Ren, Idk how to express myself properly… I simply love your work, y’know? Your translations are impressive and, if not by your translations, I really don’t know what I would be doing instead of reading your amazing work.
    I wish you the best of all things in life, cuz not only me but you’ve been helping A LOT of people in getting through the ups and downs of life.
    Only when reading Desolate Era I can isolate myself for a few minutes and feel like I’m in another world, so… Thank you ^^

  7. I suffer from depression as well. My symptoms were at times pretty similar to yours. It went undiagnosed for years before my friends convinced me to get help for it. Now a combination of medication and therapy keeps me relatively level-headed. Find the combo that works for you. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for us, but take care of yourself. I don’t know how easy it is to find a therapist that suits you where you live, but give it a shot.

  8. IMHO the more brilliant you are the more those kind of things awaits for you.
    I have read that success is mainly related to being able to commit fully to a dedicated task and many considered geniuses fall into this case. Dedicating too much time on few subjects leads in long term to unresolved personnal or unconsious issues. Those unattended issues will come back sooner or later, an will be really strong.
    To recover, look straight at your issue(s) and try see thing differently:
    «If you want to make peace with you enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.» (Nelson Mandela)

  9. I am rooting for you Ren.
    You are amazing to get this website started and even more impressive for you accomplishments.

    I had the same symptoms in my university.
    Lots of trouble in my life and I was taking too much load on myself… The stress and fatigue piled up.
    After treatment and rethinking my life, I figured I shouldn’t overwork myself to forget about problems and neither worry myself too much.
    Life is all about ups and downs, but, in the end, going forward is all that matters. If you keep walking, you get there.

    If it is anything like when I had these symptoms, just stop for a bit, rethink yourself and believe that everything will be alright in the end… Because it will. Not only you deserve all the good things that are coming your way, but you worked hard enough for them.

    Hope you the best.
    And know the everything will be just fine.


  10. I’ve been suffering in and out of depressions since I was very young, even considering suicide at one point. The biggest tip I want to give you is keep constant contact with someone you love and care about, if you’re alone you’re just going to be engrossed in your own silence and it’s awful. Keep talking with someone else and you’ll feel far better.

  11. I think adding Godsfall on top of your other responsibilities is a bit much, so a hiatus is fine with me. Just keep in mind that your hard work has helped a lot of us get through bad days, and we appreciate you.

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