14 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 32, Chapters 20-22” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. XD… Really, I haven’t read those chapters.
        you have to change the links, cause I get the links in my mail.

        subject: [New post] DETIEndoftheline
        subject: [New post] DEWGEternallyUndeservingEmperor

        so I guess everyone receive the same mail.

        Chapter 25 also lacked.

  1. Thanks for the chapters Ren and Emperor Prophet!

    Ren, a request for your consideration. Would it make sense to not update the chapter titles when you announce a new DE chapter is released? My weak dao-heart can’t help but spread out its divine sense to read all the chapter titles at once to get a sense of the flow of plot in advance.

    1. Nah he usually posts at some point on Tuesday once he wraps up the previous week. He’s been pretty consistent in posting the first release on Tuesday, then two chaps every 26-28 hours until a day gets skipped in between, then finish everything by Sunday. At least we get ten a week. We can always count on that 🙂

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