30 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 31, Chapters 13-14” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Alright guys, apparently stealing RWX’s laptop gets us a binge. I hereby make the motion the f5 sect collaborate in tracking his movements, and as importantly, his laptop, to seize it in the future. We’ll mail it back snail mail and he can just keep up a cycle of 3-4 laptops.

  2. Don’t overdo it ren
    These last few chapters I have noticed a significantime increase in minor mistakes like getting the order of the letters wrong, forgetting a letter, and moving the start of a word to the beginning of the nex tword (<– like that)

  3. Whoa. I was like WTF, I read two chapters and they just kept coming… Thanks man! Doing a bang up job translating and cranking these out.

    Been watching videos on YouTube from this dude called SerpentZA and yeah, seems like China is a haven of small crimes like pickpocketing. Although I don’t know how they’d do that with a laptop… Maybe it’s time to set up an auto destruct system for your belongings, haha

  4. I know this has been asked, but could you make an announcement about Godsfall Chronicles? We know you’re busy but waiting is easier when we know when to expect chapters.

  5. Hey Ren, tbh I’ll not sure if you will even read this but oh well.

    Thank you very much for all the work you have done for us leeches! (Not limited to just the 4 chapters from today, I mean EVERYTHING)

    I’m sorry that your laptop got jacked, please don’t worry too much about us, I mean atleast some of us survive reading books like heavenly jewel change the moment a new chapter is released.

    You’ve gotta take care of your patrons first and foremost, don’t kill/frustrated yourself over leaving leeches like myself waiting for a few days. (No sarcasm here, honest.)

    I personally would rather you got yourself caught back up at a slower pace without working yourself to death, once again thank you for everything.

  6. was worrying what i’d do seeing my daolord title ran out on Patreon this morning, but there goes ren catching up in barely a moment, perfectly timed, the 4 chapters wuxiaworld was behind caught up, just like that ! 😀
    and i agree with the upper posts, someone should snatch Ren’s post and do a ”fine” – translate x chapters and you get pc back :3
    jk, hope these thieves stop soon

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