5 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 30, Chapters 29-30” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapters.

    Just thought I’d mention a minor snafu I found.

    The “next chapter” button on the bottom of chapter 30 just loops back to chapter 30.

    The “next chapter” at the top of the page works normal and takes you to chapter 31 teaser.

    This is all on the mobile version, no clue if it’s the same on the desktop version.

    1. I agree I’m not a big fan of DE so I’m just waiting for TGC no chapter at all this week.? Was waiting til today sunday thought perhaps some chapters would come as it should be 5 per week 😫

      1. He’s busy as all hell and does what he can.

        Here’s a word of advice; the less you mention it, the less he’ll get pissed off.

        A happy translator is a good translator.

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