New DE Chapters Released! Book 29, Chapters 8-9

Hey guys, here are your third and fourth chapters for the week. Happy reading! I’ll be out of China for the next few days and in a different time zone, so the posting hours may be a bit different from normal!

Book 29, Chapter 8 – Ji Ning vs a Daolord of the Third Step (note – this was incorrectly listed as the title for chapter 7. Chapter 7’s actual title should have been ‘Blame Your Own Poor Luck’).
Book 29, Chapter 9 – Within Vastheaven Palace

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  1. “so the posting hours may be a bit different from normal!”
    What will the different time be?
    Heck, what’s the normal times supposed to be? I’ve tried to figure that one out for a long time, but it changes often enough that I’m still guessing almost blindly.

    1. I live in the PST time zone (california), and rwx always posted between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. I think he is in so cal (short for southern california, usa), or at least I read that someone was there.. Might’ve been deathblade. Lives in hong kong, so he usually posts around 2 to 5 am (hk is 15 hours ahead of california). So.. Take that as you will.

      1. Pretty damn sure RWX lives in China, like 99% sure.

        Previous chapter post times in ETC (I’m too lazy to convert it) for the last two and a half weeks , while ignoring the minutes and removing 24h for any normal break like the end of the week:

        2pm (24h / break)
        2pm – half a release (24h)
        2pm (48h)
        12pm (22h)
        2pm (26h)
        3pm – half a release (25h)
        1am (10h / break)
        4am (27h)
        6am (26h / break)
        3pm (33h)
        2pm (23h / unscheduled half a release)
        1pm (23h / break)
        8pm (31h)
        1am currently (29h so far, no release)

        In the time, that’s eight different hours that updates have come on out of thirteen and some wildly different than the rest. There’s a general area of “About 7pm UST / 2pm ECT” that chapters more often get uploaded at, but the times recently have been all over the place and multiple times where an update is many hours later than normal and no word is said. Feels like something is happening on RWX’s end, but he never breathes a word as to what’s going on to keep anybody in the loop.

        1. I think you are probably right about something going on at rwx’s side. The most likely thing I can think of is more trouble with Qidian International. It could also be personal struggles, or maybe the negotiations with zongheng are getting close to completion/are falling through. If they are almost done, then rwx might be stockpiling chapters for the new translation project he is starting.

          But of course that is all just speculation.

  2. It’s very odd release times.. I live in India and usually it comes around 11:30 pm here. Sometimes as late as 1:30 am. Yesterday I waited till 2 and slept off. And chapter came sometime around 7 am I think.. Would be nice to know the release times so I can sleep.. 🙁

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