New DE Chapters Released! Book 29, Chapters 38-40

Hey guys, I know I’ve been at a deficit this week. It’s been a shitty one for everyone involved! I managed to finally calm down and get some translating done on the plane today, and I’m back home again. I’ll try to pump out some more GFC as well tomorrow. Cheers!

Book 29, Chapter 38 – A Furious Fight
Book 29, Chapter 39 – Summoning Friends
Book 29, Chapter 40 – Hegemon’s Dao-Seal

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  1. No worries man. Any chapters that you translate while this is all going down are a luxury.

    We appreciate anything and everything you do for the community.

      1. OF COURCE NOT ! They are beyond the limits and can’t be converted . We need to get lord Fifth to screw em ! Every single one !Have faith in lord Fifth ! And they are hairy muthafakas so we ok in the hair department .

  2. Thanks alot ren , hope u winn the battle that is a head off us…. im cheering for u thoe’s dipsh1ts use underhand methode’s are just sore losers

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