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    1. We are only down 2 chapters, because Ren had a day off for finishing a book. This is something that is common as on average Ren usually did about 2 chapters a day (not including sponsored back then) when he started the taking a day off after a book finished.

        1. “I do have an important announcement to make. I notified Patreons of this a week ago, but as of Monday (ie the first ‘new week’ of June), I will have to go back to the old schedule of 10 chapters a week (sometimes more, but the base will be 10). The Qidian issues and other issues are taking up an increasing amount of my time, and it’s become apparent that I’m struggling with the 14/week schedule. As noted, all Patreons were informed of this a while ago and any who weren’t happy with it were told they could cancel for the next month. I know this isn’t what y’all want to hear, but 10/week is going to be much more sustainable for me, given the breadth of my responsibilities”
          Ren posted this back on June 4th so this is what I’m using as a base number of how many chapters a week we get. If it’s more we were lucky, but otherwise Ren told us 10 is the usual and has not said anything, that I’m aware of, about resuming a higher release rate since.

          1. Personally I wish we had some sort of general timetable to go by. I don’t mind that the number of chapters has had to be reduced to 10, what bugs me is having just enough of a vague idea of when there will be a new chapter but no actual schedule so sometimes days are randomly skipped with no word of what happened and chapters coming semi-randomly throughout the day.

            You’d think all the patron money would at least buy us some sort of note like
            “Next chapter update hopefully around 4th July around 7am ust” with a note or quick post somewhere if that becomes impossible and a day has to be skipped somewhere or whatever else, whereas instead days are skipped or only one chapter happens or whatever and there’s zero feedback or explanations. It feels like waiting for the sun to randomly come out from behind a cloud and shine for a while, you can sort of guess when it might happen just enough for it to be annoying when it doesn’t happen because you’re left making big guesses that often only vaguely come true.

          2. I love how self-entitled your post is, kczz15. Next thing, you’ll be asking for a printed version hand-delivered by Ren with your morning breakfast in bed.

          3. I’m asking for the most basic of schedules or timetables from a guy we pay $15,000+ to per month for his services. Pray tell karlton, why is that so much to ask for that you would even attack me for daring to question the lack of one?

        2. And that’s exactly the mentality that I’m referring to. Where is this “we” or “us” with patreon. You better be a patreon yourself if you want to consider yourself as “we.” Lately it seems like the people who make comments about the rate of release or number of chapters/week aren’t even on his patron. Since you commented here and not on one of his patreon-only posts, I’m assuming I am right.

          Regardless of how much he is earning, all his patreons have the option to stop supporting him if they are unsatisfied with the services he provides.
          i.e. His schedule, release rate, translation quality, etc.

          As far as I’m concerned, even if he makes a million dollars/month on patreon – us freeloaders don’t have the right to say anything but thanks for the free service he provides us.

          1. “As far as I’m concerned, even if he makes a million dollars/month on patreon – us freeloaders don’t have the right to say anything but thanks for the free service he provides us.”
            Those sentences contradict each other harder than I have ever seen anything contradict themselves before, they’re so diametrically opposed it’s unbelievable. How is something he is getting tens of thousands of dollars for a “free service”?

            This is his job, this is how he is putting bread of the table. If he was doing it for free as he was 3+ months ago, then I could not care less if he puts out a schedule or not and I’d just be happy if or when he puts out a new chapter. Fact of the matter though is that he’s receiving an exceptionally large amount of money in exchange for his services of putting out at least a fixed number of chapters within a specific time frame and if he’s able to make chapter posts with each set of new chapters, then what’s stopping him from including a small note with each one to the effect of “Next chapter probably some time around Monday 7am ust” or “Maybe no new chapters Wednesday, depends how it goes”, or “Had to rush to the hospital yesterday so no chapter yesterday, new chapter tomorrow sometime” or whatever else?

            He doesn’t even have to put out the chapter on the specific stated time at all, I’m just asking for the merest attempt to keep us in the loop on what’s happening, like he disappears for a day and a half and doesn’t say a word about the anomaly as it is now. Is some sort of tiny status update so much to ask? Even if he wasn’t getting large amounts of money for this, why are you acting as if such a thing would be massively detrimental to him and that he shouldn’t make the tiniest bit effort to keep people informed on what’s going on with his situation?

  1. Hey Ren, ty very much for all of your translations and contributions. You’re an awesome guy, had to sign up to say this (first comment I guess). Anyway Thanks!! Keep the awesomeness coming haha

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