New DE Chapters Released! Book 29, Chapters 28-29

Hey guys, first of all, just a quick note – the term ‘special lifeforms’ has been replaced by Aberrants, or alternately Aberrant special lifeforms. The six major powers of the Endless Territories are now the Aeonians, the Aberrants, the Dao Alliance, the Brightshore Kingdom, the Dark Kingdom, and the Ancient cultivators.

Book 29, Chapter 28 – Three Realms Archive
Book 29, Chapter 29 – The Sacred City of Skywood

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5 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 29, Chapters 28-29” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. “Aberrant”??? Why not “Divergent” instead??? Means basically the same thing but is easier to remember…..

    Calling them the “Divergent” (for both singular and plural) or “Divergent lifeforms” is simpler…

    Though with Aberrant, I guess people learn a new word…. and become more educated… which is a good thing…

    And is does sound cool and more original… so yah, I get why you probably did it… never mind… “Aberrant” is cool…

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