5 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 28, Chapters 25-26” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Please, can you check whether there is a problem with the ads? The site has become super laggy; the response time lag after scrolling is excruciating. Although there aren’t any pop-ups or redirects, I realized that it is a problem with ads after I tried disabling ads. The site then worked smoothly.
    I hope you can look into this!
    (apologies…idk which email address I need to send this to, if necessary. So I thought I might as well write this here to inform you…)

    1. Agree. The past few days it’s been a nightmare. I was literally looking at adblock and other similar extensions, but decided not to install any since I do want to support WW by allowing the ads. Still that being the case something needs to be done because the lag is unreal.
      I can still manage it on my PC, but if I use my laptop… well it’s hell.

    2. I stoped entering wuxiaworld on my Ipad and mobile because the page was sooo laggy and stoped working continuosly. Also the amount of data downloaded while reading is huge. I can only enter through my PC now, with Adblock on.

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