New DE Chapters Released! Book 28, Chapters 13-14

Hey guys, here are the latest chapters of book 28!

Book 28, Chapter 13 – The Black-Robed Daolord
Book 28, Chapter 14 – Two Options to Choose

I do have an important announcement to make. I notified Patreons of this a week ago, but as of Monday (ie the first ‘new week’ of June), I will have to go back to the old schedule of 10 chapters a week (sometimes more, but the base will be 10). The Qidian issues and other issues are taking up an increasing amount of my time, and it’s become apparent that I’m struggling with the 14/week schedule. As noted, all Patreons were informed of this a while ago and any who weren’t happy with it were told they could cancel for the next month. I know this isn’t what y’all want to hear, but 10/week is going to be much more sustainable for me, given the breadth of my responsibilities.

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  1. Good luck Ren! It was nice to have so many chapters while it lasted, but we know that you’re no longer in the same position that you were in during your Coiling Dragon days. Much more work for you to worry about now.

  2. Dude ! 10 Chapters a week is already a super impressive schedule ! Don’t worry about the spoiled brats that says otherwise …Thx for the chapters !

  3. Hey, no complaints here, but i am curious does that mean 2 a day during the week and the weekends off, or just 10 however you can fit them in the week?

    1. Yes I also wonder about that. I think the best would be with two chapters on the weekdays and nothing on the weekend, or just ten on sunday 😛

  4. 10 chap per week are still acceptable..still within sufficient doses..anyway its not your fault..things happen for a chill and keep your good always have my support 🙂

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