9 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 27, Chapters 7-8” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapters!
    I just can’t understand one thing that these chapters are already translated, right? But from the way you posted it seems as if you translated them just before posting. I am fine with delays /no chapters but please don’t lie or is it me misunderstanding something?
    I just feel bad when someone lies… especially without any reason.

    1. There are more chapters translated, but the people on patreon pay to see more chapters than us. So if he releases two chapters here he needs to also release two on patreon.

    2. He only releases chapters to us when he has translated the advanced chapters for patreon users. So yes, he didn’t lie. . . . he had to translate two advanced chapters for patreon users before he released these ones. RWX’s wording was just a bit off in his explanation.

    3. up to chapter 20 is ready on patreon. so yeah the wording is very weird
      misleading phrasing or outright lying , i’d wager it was the former

      Hell I understand that Patreon comes first, since they are paying him over 25Thousand US$ a month= 300 thousand US$ a year which is an insane amount of money

  2. Well, I was a little down yesterday since I didn’t get my fix 😉 but if you look at it another way, it means we have now a 4 chapters day ! Fine by me !

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