New DE Chapters Released! Book 27, Chapters 23-24

Hey guys, sorry for not being on yesterday. Things have been rather insanely hectic, and I know I should’ve posted something, but I kept on telling myself, ‘Nah, I’ll find a few hours and get the chapters up’, only to fail repeatedly. I owe two chapters, and I’ll try to get’m out in the next two days!

Book 27, Chapter 23 – The Dust Settles
Book 27, Chapter 24 – The First Meeting

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  1. I just finished reading through ALL chapters of Desolate Era, up to this point. I love the mind-boggling continuous ramp-up of everything, from distances to the character’s abilities. Thanks for translating it for us! Now I can finally talk about this with my friend without him spoiling stuff 🙂

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