5 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 27, Chapters 21-22” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks and I hope that the Qidian situation is going ok! If there’s ever anything that’s not protected by an NDA or that you don’t feel is best to keep private, let us fans know and we will rally to your cry!

  2. Hey Ren,

    Just a deprived fan here with a small request. I know you’re probably busy with the Qidian ordeal and I respect that, so would it be possible to post an expected schedule? I would like to know what you think the chapter release times will be like. I understand that you may have trouble updating at the and rate or the same times as you are currently and that’s fine by me, but I really need to change my expectations so I’m not here constantly refreshing, dying for more chapters. Thanks!

    1. There are no exact hours during the day when chapters are released. It’s better for you to change your expectations now. Usually there are at least two chapters every day with rarely missed chapters made up sometime during the week. My advice: Patiently wait and expect chapters every two or three days if it bothers you so much. This way any extra chapters you find are just pleasant surprises.

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