New DE Chapters Released! Book 27, Chapters 19-20

Days like this are what stockpiles are for. Wasn’t able to get any translating done thanks to all the drama, but thank goodness I had a stockpile that was large enough for me to draw from it while still keeping my overall promises to patrons. Happy reading, guys! I’ll see you all tomorrow. I’ve read all your comments and appreciate the love and positivity!

Book 27, Chapter 19 – Challenging the Daolord Cloudworld
Book 27, Chapter 20 – The Altar

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  1. Ren, like my man subhuti always told my boy Ning, fortune and calamity often ride hand in hand, hopefully this will be blessing only and I just wanted to say that you are an amazing guy! Keep your head held up high cause qidian are the scumbags and its better you saw their true face now then later when things would’ve gotten even more complicated and complex.
    Thanks for the chapter, I truly didn’t expect this with all the drama that happened to be honest but this is also one of the numerous reasons we all love you!

  2. Once again, good luck Ren!

    I’ve already emailed Qidian’s contact on their site as well as messaged them on Novel Updates with a lengthy but respectful message about why they should take a step back and stuff, and I hope that other people will, too. If enough of us fans message them it might change some minds. Especially since all they seem to care about is profit, and we fans are where their profit would come from.

    1. agreed, it pains me to say, but i’d prolly rather stop reading anything at all than reading the poor translations on most novels there, i tried once, never again

  3. There will always blessing after tribulation. Of course it only apply if you successful on passing that tribulation 🙁

    10000000000000000000000000% support for you Ren 🙂

  4. Thx for the chapter Ren but you know you do such an amazing job on WW in general and your translation that even if you skip a day we’ll still be fervent adept of your sect 😀

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