13 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 26, Chapters 27-29” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. That’s on you Ren, you picked DE to translate… and we want moaaaaaar DE chapters.
    We readers are just to hooked on the good stuff. 😛

    Seriously: don’t overwork yourself just because of us crybabies here!

  2. Hahah. I can’t help but picture Maverick there, reading the news posts about you being 4 chapters behind and going “Hmmm… I wonder what he’ll do if…” and giggling. Thanks for the chapters and thanks maverick for forcing the release rate to be even more ridiculous!

    1. Best part is that for Patriarchs and up, if Daolords request enough extra chapters… we get extras too. But only if RWX is far enough behind. Speaking of which, please post the next two chapters!!!!!!

  3. Hum if I remember correctly there is a max of 3 Daolord bestowments per week so if the Daolords were to be merciless there could be 3 chapters a day all the way till next Sunday, witch would be nice 😉 But that would probably be a bit to much of a strain even for Eternal RWX

  4. Oh btw could the post-time (time and date) be hidden in the comment section like a spoiler type of thing? Would be nice because when you have let a bunch of chapters gather for a week or more and then read an check comments and then seeing the dates of the comments it can be a bit of a damper when you find out the the chapter came out yesterday so you have basically caught up and the readathon is almost over.

  5. Right now I’m sappy!
    Sad because RWX has a great deal of workload and he might just tilt,
    Happy because RWX has a great deal of workload, which means more chapters to read.


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