New DE Chapters Released! Book 25, Chapters 3&4

Hey guys, sorry for the SUPER late release. I was stuck doing media interviews + a roundtable all day yesterday (pics will be coming!) and didn’t even get back until around 1 AM. Hopped on the computer, but I straight up passed out in front of it. I’ll try to get the next set of chapters out in around 12 hours. Cheers!

Book 25, Chapter 3 – Stone Titan
Book 25, Chapter 4 – Twelve Disciples

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  1. I dont understand? Dont they have a stock pile of chapters ready. Like the ones the patrons view early. Oh Sorry I was doing this, and Il finish the next one in 12 hours.what? Do they mean like they dont upload these current chapters unless they translate more chapters in the stockpile.

      1. No, what I was saying is that if the chapters are ready, why the need to make excuses. We dont care if you post the chapter late, but there should be no reason to make an excuse as well, even though tho these chapters are ready and all he has to do is make them available.
        So I was asking if excuse he was making was for the chapters he’s working on, the latest ones that not even the patreons have read yet. That would make sense.

        1. Please ignore these comments I just made. Wish they could be deleted actually.
          Going through some stuff, having a bad day too.
          Mad for no reason on Wuxia world and my friend Ren who’s works have given a me a home other than my real home.

      2. Doesn’t mean he can’t just release the chapters and then translate more instead of NOT releasing chapters because he has to translate more. Did he even release new chapters for Patreon? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but this guy is not wrong.

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