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    1. That may be because there is no such a profession as xianxia translator… Anyhow it’s just an oversight, it happens, frustrating as it may be, having the 18th chapter without the 17th, we’re left waiting as we would as the chapter wasn’t out yet. Nothing we’ve never done

    2. lol why are you disappointed Mr. Pro….
      Everyone can make a mistake. He really does not have a duty to fulfill to you. Do you see other commenters acting like this?

    3. Its so sad it beats dissapointment downright into the funny territory when people complain about professionalism when their name is not even listed in the donors for said chapter even when donors are donating to speed up a free process not buying a service per se, so like MRaccafle said go demand professionalism from your parents in the common decency teaching department and maybe in common sense as well

  1. To those of you acting like a.ses it is just a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes and if you say you have never made a mistake you are either the son of God or a liar. If you cannot understand and be polite about it to the nice people that are translating the books for us. Go learn the language and buy or read the raws. If you were not taught common decency go back to your parents and tell them to teach you it. RWX will fix it as soon as he can so just be patient. To the translators and site host Thank You very much for all of your hard work.

    1. I don’t THINK anyone’s acting like an a*s. It’s just that, it feels like we all have sh*tty luck since instead of 18 being broken, 17 was the one not fixed. So it’s a complicated emotion everyone is feeling right now. Well, that’s all. Ler’s go to another novel to kill time. ???

    2. Calm down, most aren’t typing here with bad intentions, claiming themselves to be omniscient, and most comments i’ve read here are either joking or inquisitorial. The only one that sounds like having a hard time having the ability to “understand and be polite about it” would be you, so instead of starting a fight, let’s all just wait for the Wuxiaworld Gods of Translation to hear our pleas and help us in our time of need. Also as i am only a leecher I have to say thank you for the chapters, and hope you are well RWX

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