New DE Chapters Released! Book 11, Chapters 8, 9

Hey guys, here’s a double release for today!

Book 11, Chapter 8 – Carrying an Immortal Estate, Adventuring Through the World. This chapter was sponsored by Gellus, HL of Germany, JY of New York, and MT of Delaware.

Book 11, Chapter 9 – Foundation Established. This chapter was sponsored by BB of Wisconsin.

Thanks to our sponsors! Sorry for short note, have to run; just got in a lot of furniture from Hanoi (the stuff I left behind when I resigned), and I spent all day moving things around, including multiple beds, tv’s, furniture, my normal computer (YAY!!!!) and more!

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  1. Hey Ren, if you don’t mind me asking, how did your coworkers/boss/whatever take it when you said that you wanted to resign in order to work on Wuxia World full time? Since it isn’t a decision that a lot of people would be confident enough to make.

  2. Hanoi.. i know its vietnam haha cos our teach made us remember country and its capitials..
    Just started my culinary course and he made us remember about 25 Country & capitials lol
    Haha, also he says this funny word.. “if u guys don’t study and don’t know the answer when i ask question im gonna bang you.”
    No when he said bang.. he didnt mean by sexual meaning.. he meant beat us his metal rod/pole.. this rod..

    Culinary course = a metal rod from the kitchen haha

    WHAT? what pole were you expecting? You all are so kinky heh~

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