New DE Chapter Released! End of Book 28!

Hey guys, we’ve finished book 28! Sheesh, this was another one of those miserably long books, eh? Happy reading! Note that as usual, I’ll be taking an extra day break tomorrow due to the completion of a book. See y’all with new chapters two days from now!

Book 28, Chapter 47 – Kindness and Gratitude
Book 28, Chapter 48 – The Return

Happy reading! Patreon links will be up shortly as well.


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  1. Thanks for powering through and finishing the book 🙂

    Idk what the laws are like in china and Hong Kong, but in the us, I am pretty sure that what Qidian International did is 100% illegal. If possible, maybe sue the living hell out of ’em and give everyone thats stuck aroundca healthy bonus? 😛

  2. Once again, I am having problems with adds being unclose-able. When I try to hit the X to close it, it takes it as pressing the add. THes are yahoo! Adds.

    Thank you for your work and time,

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