New DE Chapter Released! Book 29, Chapter 15

Hey guys, here’s the tenth and final chapter of the week. Happy reading! Book 29, Chapter 15 – The Clone’s Return.

New chapter link will be up on Patreon shortly as well.

PS – How did you guys like the term ‘Omega Sword Dao’? I debated long and hard on what to call it before settling on the word ‘Omega’, after considering how God was described as the ‘alpha and the omega’ and how, in the Final Fantasy games, the Omega Weapon was the true ultimate weapon that was superior to the Ultima Weapon, etc.

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  1. Yay, another Final Fantasy buff. 🙂
    Omega: the end, finished, complete, stupidly powerful boss. all things I think when I read the word.
    I thought it odd at first for it to be named as such. I know it’ll grow on me; especially knowing the word was picked by a FF fan.

  2. Hi, thanks for the chapter.

    Regarding the term “Omega *** Dao”, I find it quite good. Especially as there are already the “Supreme *** Daos”.
    I could only think of another word for it, and that would be the “Origin *** Dao”, but it has not the same ring to it 🙂

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    Regarding ‘Omega’, it feels somewhat off to me, as there isn’t any other terms with a similar name that I recall, and gives me more of a sense of finality and end, not much of a Peak/Ultimate feel.

    I’d give suggestion for what I think would fit better, but I don’t know what the original Chinese character(s) mean, so anything I say might convey something that’s different than what the original text intended.

    But at the end, English isn’t my first language, so my what I’m feeling might be due to that 😛

  4. Omega Dao sounds great. In MTL it was always Ultimate Kendoist, and it just sounds off. Omega Dao sounds better while still carrying similar meaning

      1. Omega sounds sexy to me. I might be biased since I am a huge Darkseid fan. The true meaning of Omega sounds like a ‘return to simplicity after a journey to the complex. it’s simple and encompassing. Kudos.

        p.s. Still doesn’t make up for the Northbow fail. Love it anyways.

  5. Its the first time a chinese novel ever just took me out of reading and questioned what this translation was, at this point I just kind of associate less common super terms like that with chuuni.

    My suggestion is to go full ham with Super Mega Ultra Omega Dao, so future readers die laughing.

  6. Please Daolord Patreon supporters, use your ability for more chapters! Don’t leave us on one chapter releases with these cliffhangers, I just wanna read about his Daolord power already. I feel like their bonus chapters have only been used like 3 times, out of like a possible total of something like ~10 times.

  7. omega soundsa great… omega dao sword.. but u know whats sounds better patriach rwx? umm what about… “14chaptereachweekdao sword ” thats sounds the bbest name for ji ning dao sword😎

  8. Alpha the first, Omega the final; so to me it still seems its not the true sword dao unless there are move levels and is used to just decribe the ultimate sword dao.

  9. I’m going to reference a misunderstood fact. In a wolf pack, most people would believe that the Alpha is the top, followed by the Beta, and finally the ‘outcast’ Omega. This is actually incorrect, as the Omega plays one of the most important roles. Sure, they will often be used as scapegoats but they’re best known as peacekeepers. They are the balance between Alpha and Beta. If the wolf pack is undergoing lack of food, the Omega is known to sacrifice itself for the pack’s survival. So, in truth, the Omega and Alpha are closest to equals in comparison, as the Alpha leads the pack from the front, and the Omega maintains the balance.

    So, yes, Omega Sword Dao seems perfect to me, as it would mean that it is balanced; it encompasses all.

  10. Thank you for the chapter!

    As for Omega i really like it and honestly I find it very funny considering that they just released the Omega raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

    Amazing coincidence if you ask me!
    Anyway thanks for the amazing work as always!

  11. The best possible modifiers I could come up with cosmic, mythical, universal, origin, masterwork, quintessential, ideal, or primal.

    I think yours is better.

    No idea where this falls in with the rest of the story. Omega sounds around planet destroying.

  12. I prefer the same use as in the machine translation: Ultimate Dao’s, as you have to fuse all supreme methods of that specific dao into one and connect it with the core essence of the primordial chaos universe to truly arrive at an Ultimate Dao. As Ji Ning did with his 5 sword styles, until he realized that all of them were just part of 1, that is the true essence of the sword dao, his dao was incomplete and hence not Ultimate. But this is just my opinion and I will get use to it. However PLEASE change the name of Starsea of Worries to TERROR STAR SEA. The machine translation Is so much better than Starsea of Worries. When I read that I nearly banged my head on the floor, like seriously how the hell did you come up with that, even if that is the direct translation that name is just TERRIBLE.

  13. i like the term omega but i don’t think the word really fits the novel’s theme. Just my opinion but either way, i don’t mind what the term is in the end.

  14. I like the term, but Omega feels off because it is the final letter or the end. In the next chapter he goes on to say “The Omega Sword Dao represented that the path which Ning had chosen was truly the most ultimate of paths, but he had just barely began to trod this path.” So while it’s the ultimate path he is just starting his journey on it, and he still has to compound the dao through 4 stages of daolord and whatever stages are introduced at the eternal level to proceed to being a hegemon or whatever follows the hegemon level of power.

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