12 thoughts on “New DE Chapter Released! Book 28, Chapter 37” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I think its time you get an assistant who will help you translate or hand over the project to someone else, since patreon chapters come out very irregular, granted there other other issues, but i’m starting to feel this patreon thing is just a scam, am i the only one that thinks so?.

    1. Cant call it a scam though, people are freely giving their money and Ren IS translating the book.
      I will agree that he has had his inconsistencies the past few months but overall he always pulls through.

    2. Why would you call it a scam? First of all, you would have to be one of his Patreon supporters to even have the right to call it a scam. However, since you are posting here instead of his Patreon uploads, I suspect that you are a freeloader just like I am. I get it, it’s an awesome story and we are all thirsty for chapters.

      Ren IS and SHOULD be most concerned with getting the translated chapters to his World level Patreon supporters first. He’s guaranteed them that they would be 10-15 chapters ahead of the WW schedule. As far as I can see on his Patreon posts, he is spot on.

      From what I can see, Ren hasn’t let down his Patreon supporters, nor the readers on WW. He has always delivered the number of chapters he states he will, and if he doesn’t get to it that particular week, he always makes up for it in the following weeks.

      Frankly, he should just have a policy of banning IP addresses of whiners.

    3. If you are a patreon yourself I can guess how you’d feel scammed, since you’re paying the same amount for a decrease of 16 chapters per month. Then again RWX has been providing a free service and even gave the option to refund the patreon donation of the month he announced the change.
      I also understand your request of RWX to leave DE to another translator, since there is no problem in a slight decrease in quality, if that means more chapters per week. I’d even be so shameless as to ask him, to not pick a high profile translation next time, mainly due to the amount of work he already has. He doesn’t have time to translate and the ‘hot’ books like DE need a faster pace than 10 a week.
      That was my ten cents and it might be harsh due to withdrawal symptoms of having to wait for my DE for 2 daysss.

      1. Is there some new website which RWX likes more where he posts his updates? Haven’t seen any information here on Wuxiaworld and I always guessed this is the place where changes should be posted first? O_o

        1. There has been a start decline in regularity a long with a decrease in chapters. As he is running the show, I too feel it would be best if he handed off the project to another translator. I can’t see the value of patreon now as there are no chapters in queue. We generate ad dollars if we do not donate to patreon. Patreon is supposed to be an incentive as that was how it was initially introduced. Other high profile projects are killing it in the releases this month.

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