New DE Chapter Released! B35C7 + Schedule Update

First of all, here’s the ninth chapter for this week, courtesy of Emperor Blackfish from Patreon. Everyone owes him a big thank you! Book 35, Chapter 7 – Autarch’s Decree. Cheers!

As for the schedule change, here’s the tldr; we are going to be changing up some things on Patreon, and chapter posts will become much more regular time-wise as a result. The schedule has historically been ‘ten chapters a week’ (with the exception of two months where I promised and delivered fourteen chapters a week); we’re going to make it ‘officially’ two chapters a day from Monday to Friday, then a chapter on Saturday and a chapter on Sunday (assuming there are Patrons for those chapters), for a total of up to 12 chapters a week. Starting next week, there shall no longer be ‘end of book rest breaks’ as we race towards the end of this book.

I’ve been rather distressed with the amount of whining and unhappiness I’ve seen the past few months, and it has been genuinely weird to me why – I’m doing 10 a week now, just as I have been since late 2015/early 2016 (with the obvious exception of just two months of 14 chapters/week), but there are WAY more complaints and false claims of ‘missing chapters’, etc. than there were back then. This month, I was discussing this with some of the Chinese authors, and they helped me shed light on the situation, and I think their suggestions are right.

In short, its twofold. First, I used to post one chapter at a time. These days, I post two chapters at a time. This actually makes a big difference, according to the Chinese authors I chatted with. Why? Because readers read so quickly (~10 minutes a chapter) that the wait between chapters ‘feels’ longer when I post them 2 chapters a time. Previously, it was around 12-18 hours between per read; now, it’s 24-36 hours between each read. Yes, each read is longer, but by virtue of the fact that readers read really fast, it doesn’t make up for it mentally.

This by itself isn’t that bad, but it is exacerbated by the fact that everyone is now basically following the Daolord posting schedule… which means that sometimes the 24-36 hours becomes a bit longer. Daolords were supposed to be on their own separate schedule and have as many chapters to read as I have translated (11-15), but the reality was that I didn’t feel comfortable posting new chapters for others but not for my most loyal Patreons. So, the posting schedule has ended up being driven by the Daolord schedule (which is based off my own rather erratic schedule), which exacerbates the issue generated by the double-releases. I will always translate irregularly, much like how the authors can write irregularly, but I’ll strive so that the POSTING is regular… and that requires a buffer.

IET (and two others) emphasized to me the importance of regularity, because reading these novels is as much of a daily habit as an actual book… and when I used to have a ‘real’ buffer, I posted regularly at the same time, even though the ‘schedule’ was always a weekly one to me. These days, I basically no longer have a buffer; the original plan was to use Daolord/Emperor chapters as my buffer, but it hasn’t worked out that way. The only way to get back to the regularity is by no longer letting my personal translating schedule = Daolord schedule = everyone else’s schedule.

So… for the past half month, I’ve worked hard to rebuild a real buffer, translating until I (metaphorically) vomited. My fingers now hurt like hell, but I now have a real buffer… and now that I realize how close we are to the end, I want to finish things faster. (side note – now that I have a real buffer, I can get back to doing Godsfall as promised as well).

There shall no longer be any ‘end of book breaks’, meaning that we will always have at least 10 chapters a week. Daolords shall now have a higher (but flat number) of advance chapters, and the updates shall come at a much more regular time each day. The Emperor ability to add chapters has been given to the new ‘Autarch’ tier, except it is now automatic; each Autarch will automatically ‘generate’ a new chapter rather than have to request it. The schedule would then be regularized into 2 chapters/day for M-F, then 1 chapter on Saturday and Sunday (for a total of 12, assuming that all eight Autarch tiers are filled).

This will probably be the last change we’re making to the DE schedule. I hope the more regular releases and overall higher release rate proves to be a positive one. We have around five or so months left to wrap this sucker up; thanks for joining me on this ride!

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  1. Thank for the chapter, Ren and Emperor Blackfish. Also, this news is fantastic.

    Now that you’ve said you didn’t realize that it was lack of regularity that was causing an increase in frustration among readers, I feel like maybe I should’ve commented on this subject earlier, because that’s always been my view too. There were a few times you said in the release posts that you didn’t understand the negativity, but since I knew that your buffer had disappeared and you were translating chapters whenever you could, and since I knew that it’s not like “reader frustration” has moral priority over your decisions as translator on exactly when you want to translate, I didn’t say anything because I thought you’d interpret that as a complaint that doesn’t solve anything, and moreover, I thought it was probably a rhetorical question and there’s no way a random reader like me would be aware of something that you weren’t on this subject. Perhaps I was being too timid…

    I’ve always felt that regularity is why everybody loves Deathblade (well, that and he’s plain awesome). And I think that’s also why a certain evil corporation’s site is doing things the way they are, trying to make releases as fixed and predictable as possible, along with being daily for series from popular authors that may have the potential to take off. The crux is that there’s a certain mindset readers get into when they can essentially count on a series as stress relief on a daily basis. Ironically, it’s only because the DE release rate used to be regular that people cared when it became less regular. Even when you went from 14 to 10 chapters, it wasn’t that big a deal, because you were still releasing daily, and even when you switched to almost universally double releases you were at first skipping 2-3 days in a row and then releasing 2 a day for the rest of the week, making it still highly predictable, but by the time release times stopped following any real pattern + volumes became shorter, even trivial communication problems began to get blown out of proportion.

    Anyway, I’m really happy to hear that you’ve managed to build up a buffer. And of course, that releases will be more frequent, since I love DE. And if Godsfall’s taking off seriously, I definitely want to start that too. It’ll be nice to have something to replace WMW when it’s over.

    On a final note–and I see that other commenters have more or less said this already, but that doesn’t make me want to say it any less–no matter what the psychology is of some readers, countless readers DO remember how hard you’ve worked on both CD and DE (it would probably blow the minds of some newer readers to hear how you did 21 chapters a week for a few months!) without you needing to remind them, and are willing to forgive you for things, and empathize with you when you describe your difficulties. Your work ethic, dedication, and consideration toward translators and readers always amazes me. In fact, I’d praise you more, but don’t want to seem too creepy. *cough* Thank you so much. Now, time to read DE!

    1. Hell yeah we remember!!
      This changes are really positive, I don’t mind 10 chapters at all.. but the not knowing when I’ll be able to read them makes me a little sad since it is a big part of my routine and was a part of my daily one during those two months, which was coincidentally when I started reading and caught up with the translation. Anyway, the schedule is really good.. Ren’s translation is really familiar as aways for me and I love that. Thank you so much (2).

  2. I’m probably in the super minority here but I’d almost prefer the translator (who knows the future events) if there is like a cliffhanger coming up then to hold back and just release 4 chaps at once like 24-48hrs laterrather than 1-2 chapters but that second chapter have that cliff hanger

  3. Really appreciate your hard work. Thanks for that. This new schedule is great. I think the biggest problem with former schedule was because it was difficult to follow because it was a bit erratic, and that confused people and sometimes seemed like it lacked releases even though you always made up for it. This schedule looks a bit like the old one. If I remember correctly even after it went back from 14 to 10 per week it wasn’t that much of a problem at first cause the schedule was stady similar to this new. So the problem was unsteadiness and also going from steadines to unsteadiness. Also when I say steadiness I mean steadiness of releases througout the week as well as steady number of releases per week, recently you just had the latter. I think that even if you just released 10 chaps at once on a certain day in the week there wouldnt be as much of a complaints as there has been. I guess that people’s brains just work in patterns (mine certainly does). It’s much easier to follow when we know there is release of 2 chaps each day at nearly the same time except for the weekend hiatus than to have erratic releases throughout the week (with steady number on the week basis, but its easy to lose track that way). I guess you understand my point since you kind of mentioned it in your comment. Thanks again for your hard work and best of luck.

  4. WHAT. People are actually dissatisfied with 10 chapters/week? Sorry to hear you’ve been getting complaints and more than before at that. The rate you put out quality chapters is amazing and it’s sad to hear some people can’t appreciate the effort it takes to do so.

  5. de is the story that I feel is most likely to have a chapter out whenever I troll through the sites looking for the novels I read and more often than not it is two chapters. people complaining about this story are actually out of their minds considering how regular it is.

  6. While the 1st reason, about the length between releases being longer with 2 chapters per release makes a lot of sense, I cannot help but feel the irregular schedule is the biggest reason for complaints. I certainly know I myself check multiple times a day for an update, and come away disappointed most of the times, as opposed to a set posting time, which I imagine would result in disappointment if missed, but I’d think “oh, he’s not posting today”, and just look forward to the next day and the make up chapters. That being said, anyone who would complain needs to shut up. This is a free, high quality translation with an average of 10 chapters a week. So, let me add my voice to those who have it right in the 1st place: Thank you Ren for all your hard work, it is much appreciated.

    1. I really do appreciate all the hard work you put in. The previous comment is not meant as a complaint just a innocent question since the post said there would be a regular schedule from now on.

  7. Thank you RWX for the chapter!
    Just one thing. If you’re going to publish the chapters every day at the same hour, please consider that there are a lot of readers from Europe, which means that we are at least 5-6 hours next to you. If you publish a chapter at 8 p.m., it’s already 2-3 a.m. in Europe! If you can, please publish them before 4-5 p.m., so we can read them before midnight 😊 If i wrote something wrong, please forgive me, I’m Italian.

  8. Realy love the coming change did not realise myself but i used to read the daily chapter before going to work it was part of my routine but nowday i never realy knew when the chapter was coming and sometime was realy put off. Thx for the update and the amazing work you do.

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