New DE Chapter Release! End of Book 12

Hey guys, hammered this final chapter out so we can close up book 12! This was Book 12, Chapter 40 – A Swift Departure. Whew, this was a long book! This chapter was sponsored by anonymous once more, so thank you, anonymous! Hope you enjoyed book 12, guys! As usual, I’m taking a one day break after a book completion. No chapters tomorrow, but I’ll be back the day after!

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  1. Hey Ren, do we get to see Wukong in this series? I’m super bummed I’ve seen his teachers, brothers, and disciples in these novels, but not the Monkey himself.

  2. Thanks Ren!!! Was sure hoping the day off for the books would go away with you taking the weekends off but we understand!! See you soon and hope you enjoy the break!!

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