New DE Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 35

Hey guys, here is the first of two makeup chapters for this weekend, for the two chapters I missed earlier this week! I’ll do one today (this one), and one tomorrow (my Sunday). Since these are make-up chapters that didn’t come on time, they will be regular chapters and will not count against the queue.

Book 9, Chapter 35 – Moving Out of Swallow Mountain. Enjoy the read!

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  1. You know, Ren, I both hate and love you at the same time.

    I love you for translating these novels which I am currently addicted to.

    I hate you for getting me addicted to reading these novels by translating and then not pumping out 10 chapters a day and instead provide continuous teasers. First Chinese novel I read was CD.

    Thanks for translating 😀

  2. Can’t seem to post, but gonna try still.

    Thanks for the chapter, but I had been meaning to ask if we are not going to get chapters on Weekends.

    Given that we had been getting one on Saturday, and one on Sunday, which is still a great rate even if they ain’t two, but all “make up” chapters.

    Honest question, I might had missed an announcement like that.

    1. Hey, you got hit by spamguard for some reason. To answer your question, yes, at the start of February, I explained that the ‘January rush’ of 2-3 chapters/day was over, and that I’d be going to 10 chapters a week, most likely 2/day on weekdays, and with weekends being a ‘maybe’, depending on other stuff that I’m working on for the website!

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