New DE Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 29

Hey guys, here’s your first chapter of DE for today, and we’ll make it one of the regular chapters!  Sorry it was slightly later, I had to take care of some bank stuff, and I was also reading on some translator drama going on in other places ;).  Anyhow, Book 9, Chapter 29 – The Forefather of the Dongyan Clan has been released.  Enjoy the read!

FYI – by popular (and insistent) demand, ‘loti’ has been changed to ‘lotuses’, even though ‘loti’ is also correct and what I prefer.  Hmph!

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  1. ahhh he apologized, we can’t get mad at you for the lack of the teaser… sneaky ren

    thanks as always, and yeah the translationnations thing has gotten messy

    Also, why amend something if it’s already correct? If it’s loti, then it’s loti. Why bother change it into an incorrect (albeit popular) form?

  2. Thank you for the chapter! Seems to be a problem with the link though.

    The MW drama seems to me like just bad luck and misunderstandings…. that is assuming TN really has the 5 chapters it claims to have translated.

    1. Tbh, so what.. The point isn’t how many chapters were translated or not. Its the fact that someone took a hostile stance to another’s email and wanted to force them to post chapter that they didn’t want to put up immediately. TN made it pretty clear that they wanted to put out a polished work instead of a rushed one.

      Were both in the wrong? Yes. One side for overreacting like a child and the other going down to that childlike level.

      They are adults… Resolve it like adults and stop putting up rants like children to garner sympathy and have people take a side.

      1. Aren’t you missing the main point? The novel is already being translated. Why insist on translating the same novel? Regardless of how much earlier they claim to have planned it, they made no mention of it on any site. Since it is already being done & the current translator doesn’t want a collaboration, why insist? One thing for sure, if the current translator is on WW, TN would not have tried to force a collaboration.

      1. Thanks for the chapter. I didn’t know there was an issue with the plural. (guess I don’t read the comments often)

        I however prefer lotuses. so the change makes me happy. 🙂

  3. Thanks!

    Btw, what do you think about the “drama”? I commented in TN hoping you might mediate between both of them; otherwise we’ll lose a potential good story..
    [evil thought] what if WW take over the story?! Muahahaha

      1. Lol. No, I usually don’t read comments or announcements. I’ve since read the rants on both sites but where is Ren’s input? More interested in reading his view on it.

  4. I’m honestly intrigued by this so called “popular demand”. Let the ignorant learn a little and leave it as the correct spelling.

    Thanks for the chapter as always. It’s nice to actually see reasonable people every once in a while in the kinds of stories.

  5. haha RWX Although both “lotuses” and “loti” are both plural forms of the word “lotus,” “lotuses” is more colloquially used and recognized so it’s the better choice. XD

  6. Please don’t change from good English to bad English just because some people are ignorant! I very much prefer loti, since it is, as you say, correct. It also looks, flows and sounds better. “Waterflame loti” sounds cool “Waterflame lotuses” sounds annoying and while technologically still “legal”, it’s only so because enough people were wrong that they changed it so it was allowed. Loti is the original, and has the true latin root. Please stick to it. If for nothing else, then because you personally prefer it. We are just your fans, it’s your translation, you have to prioritize putting out a “product” your happy with to one we’re happy with. Please trust yourself, and stay true to your translator heart. 😛

      1. To quote my dictionary:
        “Lotus: From Latin lōtus.”
        “Loti: From the Latin lōtī, plural form of lōtus ‎(“Egyptian lotus flower”, “date-plum”).”

        But since you brought it up I figured I’d do a quick google search as well, and at least two online dictionaries and one etymological site confirms what I and my dictionary though. English gets Lotus from Latin.

        1. Which got it from Greek. So you are still wrong. Plus you added no links so your dictionary = what?

          Which if you check my post above those are ALL major English dictionary’s which I linked to which clearly show the words root, and some even clearly state the proper plural form is indeed lotuses, or if you want the root which would be greek it would be Lotoi

          Late 15th century (denoting a type of clover or trefoil, described by Homer as food for horses): via Latin from Greek lōtos, of Semitic origin.

          Which is a direct copy and paste from the words origin from Oxford english dictionay

  7. Remember when you stopped using Started cuz 80 people kept trying to correct you?

    Anyway my 2 cents on this mess is that they should TRY to work together. I recently got addicted to TMW(ORE WA BRICK!) and I love it, MW as its prequel is probably amazing as well. So in order to get the best experience I can get it I say make it a competition.

    For example let Dao do the first 10 chapters then let TN do the next 10 chapters, and if they cant deal with each other, leave it up to a vote, or have a panel of other translators judge who did it better. Winner gets to translate and gets all the face.

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