New DE Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 21

Hey guys, here is your second chapter of the day!  We’ll make this one of the three regulars for the week.  Book 9, Chapter 21 – Life With Ninelotus has been completed.  Enjoy the read!

Hours tomorrow may be a bit off because I’m flying off to Hong Kong for a quick business trip.  Will have time to translate, but the actual posting time might be wonky…

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  1. Just want to make sure you’ve seen this, so I’ll say it again. There’s been a virus/ad popping up on the mobile site. It keeps changing the site to a different page and spamming popups so you can’t leave the page. It says that there’s a virus on your phone, and to download it to get rid of it. Which obviously means that it’s trying to get you to download a virus. Anyways, hope that can be removed as it’s quite bothersome.

    As always thanks for the chapter! 😀

    1. I’m having some weird issues too.
      For example, on the home page, I get infinite ads. I can watch the number of ads blocked by my adblocker steadily climb into the 1000s and ads keep appearing. (this never happened before recently and only happens here.)
      And on chapter pages with adblock off (because I try to keep it off when possible), I get alot of redirects even when I stop the page loading right after text loads.

    2. There’s been an ad page popping up for me on a tablet too, but it’s not like the one you describe with the virus thing. Basically for me it tells me to download a free app which is “only valid for 100-something seconds!” I’ve seen those apps before on the App Store they’re all free. I can’t even go back to the wuxiaworld page using the arrows because it somehow deletes that page in history or something. Sometimes the url is and sometimes it’s something else. In the beginning it didn’t pop up for quite a while, but then it started appearing and now I can’t even go on the website.

    3. Same problem here. Using safari browser on iphone because i dont want to use an adblock browser. Ive reset cache, history and everything i could reset. Didnt help after second time visiting WW. Sometimes feels like my phone going to get a STD from being on here haha. But ill still be coming back

  2. PLEASE do something about the redirects on the phone website. I only read on my phone, and I nearly downloaded a virus because I wasn’t paying attention as I was clicking links. This has been going on for many months now…

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