New DE Chapter Release! Book 8 End!

Hey guys, here’s the final chapter in book 8 of Desolate Era!  Book 8, Chapter 34 – Entering the Raindragon Guard has been released.  Enjoy the read!  This chapter was sponsored by danielteejay, Juho P. of Finland, Primal752, and UnknownFork, so if you enjoyed the chapter, please join me in a round of applause for them!

Taking a break tomorrow, as I’ve finished a book, plus queue cleared, wheee.  See you guys the day after tomorrow!

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  1. Hey RWX,

    Thank you for your stellar translations and for this website….

    just out of curiosity, what are your personal favorite xianxia novels here?

    My favorites (in order) are Tales of Demon and Gods, Against the Gods, Desolate Era, The Great Ruler, and Battle through the Heavens.

      1. haven’t read it yet, but wasn’t too into the synopsis since it said the MC was relatively weak; although since i haven’t read it idk how true that is

        1. He’s only weak near the start. Later on he becomes a whole new level of epic. It does it in a way that makes sense though. A lot of other xianxia feel like pulling rabbits out of hats and it also has amazing world building.

    1. i recommend you Coiling Dragon, i had binge read it all start to end, then the thirst for more lead me to start reading DE, only to suffer from not being able to read the end of it yet and halt for now, i’ll have to do like everyone else and wait for the next chapters

      i’m also reading TDG, but i was following that one slowly from longer ago, so waiting for the chapters is less painful 🙂

      i’ll probably give a try at Stellar Transformation now, since it’s the same author

      1. In the good old days, when CD wasn’t even near finished we all had to wait for the next update… much like now with DE… it came only now to me that there are people who read through CD in one swoop o.O

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