New DE Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 28

Hey guys, here’s your first (and only?) chapter of DE for today! This chapter was sponsored by Jake T. of Illinois, Vincent P. of France, anonymous and Nam T. of Texas. Book 8, Chapter 28 – Primal Monster. Enjoy the read! Queue cleared – I’m off! xD

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    1. You don’t actually donate. Well… not in the normal sense. You donate to the other projects and then email Ren our donation, he’ll add what you donated to the other project to this project as well.

      Unless you mean, like how to use paypal…

  1. And look what have you done…

    You made me addict to 3 chapter daily releases and now that the queue is cleared you take your fully earned rest.
    Now that you have time you can think about helping poor addicts and refund my detox sessions. 😛

    Good job. You are the best translator i know.

  2. i don’t mean to sound ungrateful or anything, because i am extremely grateful for the time you take to translate the novels you do. But i must say something that has been eating at my mind. please take what i say at constructive criticism and nothing more, i only want to let you know how i feel as a loyal follower of wuxiaworld.

    In a previous post i recall you saying that you had quit your job, in order to focus more on this website? However i feel as more time passes you have been slacking more and more, Chapters are posted at strange hours, and a lot of time they are even late, don’t get me wrong i’m all for you having fun in life, otherwise life would be extremely boring. On a another note, i also remember you saying 3 chapters a day, during the month of january, however recently there are only at most 2. I don’t really mind the difference, since i’m still grateful for the 2 chapters, however there was no warning or anything you just stopped.

    Having said all that, i have a recommendation for you, one you probably already thought about, but i’m going to say it anyway. Take a few days of your time and translate several chapter ahead of time, have a stockpile of chapters ready, for when it’s time for a chapter release you don’t have to stop whatever your doing to translate. However even after your surplus of chapters i recommend to still translate the X amount of chapters daily that you normally would, however, since you have surplus you would not be in too much of a bind should something come up and you can not translate. At the same time, try to set a time window in which you will post. a lot of people stay up late, get sleep deprived etc because they are waiting for your chapters.

    Anyway sorry for my rant, just had to get it off my chest, since i’m human after all. I sort of understand how other would feel too, im sure im not the only one to feel this way. My main point is, i don’t feel like you have actually been focusing on this website like you said, the only real difference is more translations by other translators, but you yourself have gone slack. (or i’m crazy from all my addiction, and the wait has finally knocked a few screws loose)

    1. Don’t take this the wrong way but I think you are out of your mind by this post. I mean I’m only human after all so after reading this post I can’t help but think of how ungrateful you are being. I think maybe a few screws have been knocked loose in my head from having to read asinine posts like these. Thanks tho and carry on.

      1. I thought that post might be taken that way, and i was hesitant about posting that comment, but i felt that as a follower of wuxiaworld, i should do my part and voice my concerns, even if they are taken negativity. I was seriously in no way trying to come off as ungrateful, because i seriously am extremely grateful for too all the translators and their teams and all the donors who support them. because without all of them i would most likely be in a very dark place, and depressed. Wuxiaworld has helped me overcome my depression to an extent, and I really did only post the above as a way to help the site grow, i am only a minority but i am sure others have had the same thoughts only never voiced them. Once again, i am sorry if i come off negativity.

        1. A lot of us been there to dark and depressing places but still gotta think before posting. Say Ren sleeps 8 hours then it can take up to 4 hrs to get a chapter done, maybe 3 hours to eat shit shower shave w.e else, maybe 1-2 hours of taking care of things around his place or w.e, another chapter another up to 4 hours that is already pushing close to 21 hours taken up. Then he also has to run the whole wuxiaworld website which is growing massive so lets say that take 3-4 hours that is already a full day. Then for him to pump out a third chapter in a day if he is able to then he has to probably take 3 hours if he is fast translating away from any of those things.

          I’m sure if you ever needed to vent on here bout shitty dark and depressing times on the here or the forums you would probably find a lot of people who can relate. Just remember translators are people too and if you can imagine what it’s like being in a crappy place just remember how if they are feeling the same way or burnt out how a positive post can make them feel better and more motivated. However, a post like that before can make a translator not want to put in that extra even if you didn’t mean it to be offensive/negative things can still be interpreted that way as they aren’t in your mind.

          1. Ah, “even tho i am human” i seem to have forgotten others are too… indeed i was unthoughtful. i was too simple minded, i was only thinking about things from the perspective of a business / company standpoint and ended up forgetting the main issue of human limitations. For this i am sorry. Ren please delete my post when you read it. Today wasn’t a very good day for me, and i should not have vented frustration on you, i am ashamed of myself. I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive my harsh words, and to not take anything personal.

          2. Whats wrong with u. So many people bash and cry about chapters and we have someone who nicely voiced his concerns; and you have the nerve to tell him hes ungrateful. No one here is ungrateful. I cant believe u even took the time to post that nonsense. We all are supporters and donators of the site. As long as one doesnt cry and demand things, discussing and pointing out what people dont like in a good way is fine. Especially with how many times he was trying to say his message without fear. We are the pillar of the site.

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