14 thoughts on “New DE Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 22” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I’ve become a member of the f5 sect today because of this! haha
    I was always refreshing thinking anytime soon you would post.

    Thanks as always ren!

  2. u know what i always wondered if u were a Body Refiner u could regenerate if only a drop of your blood survives anybody ever thought of filling up some bottles and keep them somewhere in a mountain or your clan ?? cant die that way :/ and if its not possible because the blood has to be fresh im pretty sure u could use a formation to keep it fresh or something like that after all these magical formations that exits im pretty sure that should be possible :/

    1. It’s probably something like the consciousness/soul transfers to the surviving drop of blood if the rest of the body is destroyed. There’s probably a distance limit.

      Anyway, the title for this chapter cracks me up.

    2. good point i have always thought the same thing i mean there would be no point then in being a body refiner if u cant do that much right? i would leave blood drops in viles all over the world and if the area i was going was too far way just destroy my body and rez my self in the location i want lol

  3. These last few chapters have left me like a damn addict, checking back for updates every little while. I was totally hyped that ill snakey-snake reappeared. I only scanned this chapter cause i want to read the next one and the last 3 all at once but now I’m regretting it.

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