New DE Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 12

Hey guys, here is your first chapter of DE for my day!  I just added in the donations as well.  Yeah, I forgot what happens when you say queue cleared T.T.  Anyhow, this’ll be the first regular chapter of the week!  Book 8, Chapter 12 – Entrance has been released!  Enjoy the read!

Also, we’re having some minor server problems, possible due to a small DDOS, so you may or may not see some Cloudflare measures meant to act against that.  We’ve also increased the duration of the caches.  Thanks for your patience!

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      1. You severely underestimate the power of the F5 sect.

        We are an ancient and old sect predating even the internet itself. Something like ddos’ing? Hmph hmph, something so petty can’t even compare to my level in the profound truths of spatial refreshing, let alone the entire sect!

  1. Ren, recently whenever I access Wuxiaworld on my laptop using Google chrome (I’m not sure about other browsers) I keep being redirected and it seems to be the ads that are doing it. I won’t be redirected if I stop the loading halfway, but given the speed of my laptop its very difficult to do that, meaning I basically have to use my mobile instead

  2. I ran into a minor problem this morning.

    I use a text mode browser and it doesn’t have javascript (naturally) but cloudflare tries to “force” me to turn it on,
    therefore I can’t read the site because all I see is the stupid cloudflare banner. (yes, I’m using ff at the moment,
    but I prefer reading in the text only browser, as it’s easier on my eyes)

    I googled and it looks like the “force javascript” is configurable in cloudflare.
    Which makes sense, if javascript isn’t available then obviously it can’t be used to ddos.

    If it’s an easy change in configuration you might consider looking into it.


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