New DE Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 40

Hey guys, here’s your first chapter of my today!  Book 7, Chapter 40 – That Chop has been released.  Enjoy the read!  This is the first of the three regular chapters for this week, that do NOT count against the queue!

13 thoughts on “New DE Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 40” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. 3 regulars chapters means that they are free. if we want more than 3 chapters a week we need to donate 80 buck for each chapters. But ren doesnt take donations… so how does it work?!?

      I’m not 100%. but something like this:
      For every donation to any other serie being translated here on wuxiaworld goes to DE. So donaters get dubble worth for their money. And for that reason each DE chapter is slighter more expensive on 80.

      Someone correct me if im wrong

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