New DE Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 33

Hey guys, here is your third and final DE chapter of the day! Book 7, Chapter 33 – Two Major Factions has been released! This chapter was sponsored by Tamashii, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big thanks to him! Thanks, Tamashii!

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  1. did cuteloong get “hired”? if so, that explains your choice other wise.. i still don’t know why you would take such an unstable future… ooh well, thanks for the chapter

  2. Fellow daoist Tamashii, I on behalf of both myself and the other lesser skilled brothers of our WW Door with regards to the financial arts thank you for your grace with your assistance towards Senior-Apprentice Brother Ren. Senior-Apprentice Brother Ren and Senior-Apprentice Brother Tamashii I wish you both success in your cultivation.

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