New DE Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 18

Hey guys, here is your fourth and final chapter for my today!  Book 7, Chapter 18 – Ji Ning and Mu Northson has been released!  Enjoy the read!  It’s been months since I did a quad-release weekend.  Get ready for one more tomorrow!  This chapter was sponsored by Froggy and HC of Indonesia, so if you enjoy reading, please consider joining me in a big thanks to them!

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  1. Oi, Ren! What happened to the original TL of DE? Wasn’t this supposed to be a move and not a takeover of DE?? I’m just curious, thanks for the chapter btw. And big love for your efforts on WW!!!

    1. In a previous post Ren explains it. He said something along the lines that the previous translator was just done with this series and that he gave Ren full permission to take over.

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