New DE Chapter Release! Book 30, Chapters 23-24

Hi guys, here are the first two chapters of the week. Happy reading!

Book 30, Chapter 23 – Sacred Grounds
Book 30, Chapter 24 – Underground Tombstone

New links will be up shortly on Patreon. Cheers!

Now, I’ve been saying this every so often since even during CD times, but I have to gently remind people that the schedule is 10 chapters/week, not 5 days x 2 chapters, not 3×2 + 4×1… it is 10 chapters a week. I spend around 80 hours a week on WW and WW-related tasks, and while I understand that some of you might want DE to be the overriding priority, my responsibilities extend significantly beyond that. I’m very consistent on a weekly basis, which is the only thing I’ve ever promised. If you want more consistency than that, go buy a smoothie machine (kidding!).

I recognize that the comments are expressed out of wanting to read more, which is a compliment, but quite frankly due to time issues I’m more likely to slow down and shut down/gut the Patreon rather than speed up; a Patreon does not magically produce more hours in the day, and I’m pretty tired as it is; as some of you might notice, half the time the chapters are coming out at around 2-4 AM China time (where I am). I did a full year and around 800 chapters of DE (we’re 1000+ in) without Patreon or donations, and I’m perfectly fine going back to that in the coming months if that’s what is necessary, time-wise.

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    1. Okay just cause ren told us to be polite to you idiots have u pieces of sh*t got too arrogant ??
      Newbie amateurs u know how long he translated without all that ??
      Nobody is asking u to donate idiot and I bet u don’t do that anyway
      Go shooo u r not welcome here

    2. Done it before on multiple times. Leaving aside the fact that I quit my job as a diplomat (total benefits package of around $10k-$20k/month), if you were here from the beginning, you’d know that I started off doing 3 ‘regular’ chapters a week of CD and around $7000-$8000 worth of sponsored chapters a month. I eventually turned off donations entirely, even though those donations were very steady, and basically gave up ~2 years of donations for CD/DE. DE has maybe a bit more than half a year to go with Patreon.

      I won’t stop anything because some random internet stranger ‘dared’ me (seriously?), but when I can no longer do the promised amount a week, I’ll let my Patreons know and adjust everything accordingly. For those who aren’t financially secure, giving up money seems to be unimaginable. For those who are financial secure, you realize that there really are more important things in life.

  1. Thanks for the chapters.

    After seeing this type of thing for a while, I’ve realized there’s no helping it; people have a natural inclination to get impatient if they’ve hyped themselves up for a chapter and it doesn’t come out when they want it to, and some of them can’t help but unreasonably vent their frustration. (Also keep in mind that sometimes these people are younger than you’d expect, like around middle school age.)

    1. For the most part, I don’t begrudge it at all because I know it’s an expression of fandom, albeit not the healthiest one. I just get cranky sometimes when I see it at 3 AM when I’m finally finished translating, and I occasionally need to vent as well, that’s all.

  2. i cant understand why peopel crying about 10 chap/week. other novels only have 1 per week. stop beeing little sissy´s. i personaly donate 10$/per month i do this on every novel that i read(0,25$/chapter)exept novels on qidian.

    1. The amount was never the problem, please don’t pretend that’s what they had a problem with. I loathe it when people misrepresent others and lie about what they are saying.

      1. It is true that the amount is relevant to a degree…

        … in that 10 chapters a week is a lot. There’s no way Ren could pull that off on a set schedule, he works his translation in and around his other responsibilities.

        If we had a set time of day where the chapters come out we’d probably be lucky to get 7 chapters a week.

        1. “… in that 10 chapters a week is a lot. There’s no way Ren could pull that off on a set schedule, he works his translation in and around his other responsibilities.”
          Hang on, let me stop you there for a moment; there is an incredibly simple method that millions of people use around the world in order to do everything AND with a set schedule that people can easily follow. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

          Step 1: Don’t upload whatever it is and release it the moment it is done, instead hold onto it for a bit and then release it at a certain time on a certain day to a set schedule.

          That’s literally it, it’s very simple. Nobody is saying that Ren should translate at a specific time of day to finish at a specific time, they’re saying that he should store the translations up and then release two at a time at 8pm Chinese time (or whatever) every weekday.

          Are you trying to claim that it’s impossible for him to translate 10 chapters at any point he likes during a week and then release them in groups of two via a schedule bot at a certain time during each weekday?

          1. Yes. This is is the way but as I said before he cannot do that anymore because he does not have a (freely usable) buffer of chapters anymore.
            Now I have to go to the store to buy a smoothie machine :). Hmmmm consistency.
            Anyway thank you for your hard work and sorry for taking it for granted RWX.

          2. Okay, a bit lower in the comment section RWX gives good reasons for not doing this.
            I will pretend my face is very thick and shamelessly retract the first paragraph of the above comment.

          3. Do you mean a program to automatically do the release at a certain time, or chapters to do it with?

            If he doesn’t have the chapters to do it with, it would simply mean that about 6 chapters would get released on the first week, about 8 on the second week and 10 at scheduled times (using the new backlog) from then on. From then on releases would be consistent.

  3. Guys need to just chill out. I’m just grateful we get this speed of chapters. When I see the chapters come out I take it as a welcome surprise.

    Thanks Ren for all the hard work. All I ask is to look after yourself.

  4. I don’t agree with any of the people complaining about “ONLY” 10 chapters a week, I love DE and I think 10 is amazing as is. You decided you needed to vent about some of these comments, but you didn’t respond to any of the points I made. And if I am wrong about my next point, then bah!, my memory must have failed me- but, I’m almost certain pre-Patreon you used to have a certain schedule of posting on time every weekday, then taking the weekend off before resuming the next week’s set of chapters (this is in regards to your comment about “the schedule is 10 chapters/week, not 5 days x 2 chapters”). And I’m not asking for everything to be perfect, nothing is. But would it have been too much to ask for some notification or perhaps a “warning”? Something along the lines of even including at the end of the last 4 chapter release post, like a “Note: There will likely not be any chapters released tomorrow on Monday, first release of the week will resume on Tuesday.” I don’t think that is an outlandish request at all, and provides your readerbase with some form of insight, instead of people having to grab at straws to predict when you will release.

    1. He probably didn’t know when he was going to release them before hand, I imagine it’s not excessively planned because life interferes. Your being nit picky, and you got your response, he releases 10 chapters a week.

      1. When you consume a service/product, if the service is horrible and there are glaring errors, its very easy to simply dislike and point out obvious mistakes. If you have been on WuxiaWorld for years like I have, and you know the service provided is fantastic, tell me, what other constructive criticism can you provide? It is because I acknowledge how high of a quality both the website and the translations are that I point out the smaller, less in-your-face “issues”. The biggest companies in the world today got where they are by being, as you say, “nit picky”. They analyzed every detail of their organization, and step-by-step perfected their industrial process until they became the best. Too many people will read a comment that they don’t agree with and assume it is “hate” or the writer is a “hater” without taking a step back and trying to see where the person is coming from (a different perspective). If all RWX got in the comments is “Thanks!”, “Love the chapters”, etc. etc., then how would the site ever progress forward and improve?

        1. I assumed you were a hater when you called RWX’s behavior the crap you’d expect from lessor translators a couple of chapters back. Perhaps if you went about making your point better it would sound less like your a hater. I also think your idea is silly and a bad criticism, so maybe I have some bias.

          1. That comment was literally the previous post and I encourage you to read my replies that got delayed due to “moderation”. Also, what I said wasn’t incorrect either, pre-Patreon and Qidian issues left and right RWX was very consistent, if he posted only one chapter for that day, within 12 hours he’d either post the followup chapter or within a day post a double or triple chapter release. I followed TDG before it caught up to its raws, and I can tell you the difference between RWX and Thyeria in consistency and even communication was night and day. Sure I could’ve been incredibly PC about it and used more articulate words, but I don’t like to mince my opinion to be more convenient in order to avoid offending anyone. You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. I think it is perfectly valid to say my idea is silly and a bad criticism, but don’t lump me in with users like “Ajewm” who truly have negative dispositions towards Ren as a person.

          2. All my comments are SUGGESTIONS for what I perceive to be an improvement to the service. I am not some angst-y preteen crying like a baby DEMANDING change. At the end of the day all decisions are made by RWX and RWX alone, but I would at least like to generate some discourse and discussion over these reoccurring events.

          3. I can say the same about all your comments, their all essays about how comments are all that keeps a service from becoming outdated and unusable. If your not a hater I am sorry I lumped you in as one, I got that idea a couple threads ago, maybe I misread the intent of your message.

        2. Somewhat unrelated, but I’d be much more willing to listen to you if you invested in the liberal use of paragraphs. If you want people to listen to your points, having your points be easy to read is a great first step.

          1. Valid point, as I am not used to the comment box of WordPress. I am much more experienced with the formatting and syntax of Reddit’s custom ‘Markdown’ and believe you me, if we were having this discussion on Reddit, you’d see the cleanest and most readable paragraph separation in my comments.

      2. Nobody is saying that Ren should translate at a specific time of day to finish at a specific time, they’re saying that he should store the translations up and then release two at a time at 8pm Chinese time (or whatever) every weekday.

        Are you trying to claim that it’s impossible for him to translate 10 chapters at any point he likes during a week and then release them in groups of two via a schedule bot at a certain time during each weekday?

    2. Respectfully, your memory fails you. It has always been ten chapters a week. When my life is more regular, the chapters are more regular on a daily basis. When my life is less regular, the chapters are less regular on a daily basis. If I am not going to be able to make the ten for a week, then I will warn you that I’ll miss chapters this week and will make it up next week; thus far, I believe it has happened exactly once in 80+ weeks. I’m not going to warn you on a daily basis because that is not my schedule.

      1. Fair enough, your work week is your own prerogative and regularity is seldom uninterrupted by the randomness of life. And looking back through 30 pages of Desolate Era posts, I must admit my memory was incorrect. It must have felt like 5×2 for me because you had a string of those more regular weeks in between unfortunate illnesses where you took small breaks and had irregular releases during those times, which is completely reasonable and I wouldn’t have blamed you for even taking the whole week off due to a flu. Your schedule is your own, and I would understand the not updating daily, but as you say, when life is less regular, chapters are less regular, so daily updates shouldn’t be a thing unless every day is irregular? You can’t honestly mean to tell me updates would be such a time consuming thing that it would throw off your schedule completely out of whack. But that is beside the point, daily updates are not a necessity, far from it, as you still release around the same times every day/night-however, when you do give us expectations of releases, such as on August 12, don’t you feel it is your responsibility to notify us when you cannot meet those “deadlines” (not a legitimate deadline, I know you never promised a time or even committed to a release)?

        1. Well, Wroter’s memory is not failing, as you can see in “Resources – Posting Schedule” here on wuxiaworld (link to

          “DESOLATE ERA
          RWX: I am currently doing ten regular chapters a week, up to two a day on weekdays with none on weekends (unless needed as ‘make-up’ chapters).

          You said that there are no chapters on weedends, so the official regular schedule should be 5×2 and not 10 per week. We are not on regular schedule nowadays and I understand why, so it’s probably better if you update the posting schedule.

        2. Just because his release speed isn’t 100% randomized, you let yourself form a one-sided expectation based on the higher probability that he’d release at a certain time, and act like he’s in the wrong when he failed to meet your expectations. You say you just want him to notify you on days he won’t release a chapter? alyschu has done that for ATG (“No ATG tonight”), yet people would still post stuff like, “Hey, it’s the second time you skipped a day this week! Unbelievable! You’re being paid for this!” There’s no end to people who will vent their impatience toward the fact a chapter isn’t being released when they want it to. You’d be better off finding something fun to do while you wait.

        3. Wow, 30 pages? No, updates don’t consume any time at all. I don’t usually post them for three reasons:

          1) The updates would be devoid of information, because I cannot give a fixed time for when the chapters would come out; every time I have tried to give a ‘maybe time’ and not hit it, I’ve gotten burned. Past experience.

          2) Giving updates would perpetuate the belief that I have a daily regular schedule. I do not; I have a weekly regular schedule.

          3) Past history. If you go look at some of the old CD posts from two years ago, I was almost clockwork-regular and very responsive… and the only result was that people would (some politely, some not) post the exact same things you are posting when I was slower to post by HALF AN HOUR. I distinctly recall that one time, when the chapters were delayed by 1-2 hours, a few people were actually claiming that I was holding back chapters on purpose so that I could get more pageviews/ad money as people F-5’d (wtf?). That’s when my decision was made that expectations would need to be reset.

          Reader expectations need to be at 10/week, with anything else just being a pleasant surprise 🙂

          1. It is a natural thing for humans to look for patterns in everything.
            I am afraid that even with a randomly generated release time for every day people would still complain. Let alone with your past release schedule where I was able to check WW on the exact minute that you released.

            The best analogie is probably something like: you take a child to get fries and a smoothie (of perfect consistency). Then you take the smoothie away and tell the child (s)he will get it an hour later. The child will cry and be mad etc etc. But if you bought the smoothie an hour later it would be happy. The emotional state is completely different even though the result is the same.

            The problem is that people start to think that they are entitled to this smoothie while they are not.

            I very much appreciate your work and apologize for wanting a smoothie earlier (and for wasting your time in the comment section).

          2. Ah, all valid points, I can see where you are coming from now. Totally understand your stance on updates, thanks for making that clear. Sidenote, I can’t believe it’s been that long since your Coiling Dragon posts, that was the first novel I read here on WuxiaWorld, I remember binge reading 5-6 books all in one day to catch up to your releases, and then following post by post until the novel ended. Then went back and reread the entire CD collection in less than a week, I was insane back then, had a lot of free time, and hadn’t made an account yet.

            That must have been what I confused with the DE “5×2 weekday releases”, you were just a machine back then, pouring out chapters and I loved every bit of it (still love the translations and work now just as much). Hope you don’t take anything I commented as just sheer impatience and antagonism, I just want to see this site become the undisputed number 1 for translated novels. Here’s hoping to a bigger, better WuxiaWorld and good luck with residual Qidian clashes.

            Sidenote to the sidenote, have you considered any plans to rebuild the website itself away from the less stylistic themes of WordPress? Any consideration of hiring a website design team to update the look of WW? Also I may have missed it if you did make an announcement, but did anything come out of that Personal Assistant job search you posted a while back?

          3. As it appears WordPress no longer allows comment chains to advance any further beyond your comment, I would be delighted if you could reply to my last comment as a reply to yourself.

          4. I take no ‘real’ offense at all, I just get cranky when I’m sleep-deprived as a result of wanting to make sure chapters are out. I take zero personal offense from you whatsoever, and I know that you are speaking from the perspective of a fan who loves the story and my translation! 🙂

            The backend redesign has been going on for about two months now, should be nearing completion soon. We’re also starting on the front-end and putting more stuff in.

      2. Well to keep the regularity why not just post all ten chapters on weekends. It’s still 10 chapters a week and the whiners won’t be able to say anything about the regular releases. That’s what I do to the novels I like that have erratic release schedules. I just read them on weekends instead

  5. People are people… lechers are the arrogant punks who antoginze MC RWX. Dont mind them, they’re bound to be lechets til they breathe their last. I’m ok even if you mass release once a week or every twice a week Ren. You have been working your guts out since I started reading here in wuxiaworld years ago. You deserve some rest.

  6. We know you work very hard. I don’t want to see you get sick because of the little rest you get. I rather see less chapters a week. In case we want more to read we can always read other stories (there are a lot of good ones here at WW). I would like to see you keep your patreon, even if it comes without benefits for us. It is a way we can show our gratitude and support.

  7. Even if you are providing such an amazing service, people will always find something to bitch about. I would tell you to ignore them but that’s hard to do when people continuously do that over a long period of time; so i will just tell you that 99% of people here appreciate what you do but it’s just that the minority is much louder which is sadly the case almost everywhere in the world. Anyways, you are always consistent and provide a top-notch service so i have no problems whatsoever. Thank you :]

  8. It would be awesome to have a smoothie machine that can be used 10 times a week for a few years without breaking. You don’t get that kind of reliability out of a machine. Though you would need at least 10 fruity delicious smoothies/week to get close to the RWX value.

  9. Don’t let the dao of translating kill you. Rest when you need it. You’re running WW and doing many things behind the scenes that takes up a lot of time. We know that. Don’t let the 14 year old trolls get to you!

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