5 thoughts on “New DE Chapter Release! Book 28, Chapter 11” - NO SPOILERS

  1. Chapter is a bit of a mess though? It still has a sneak peak at the bottom, and it has the chapter name and “previous chapter” and “next chapter” twice at the top.

    That said, thanks for another great chapter!

  2. Wow looking at the state of this update You were sleeping quite hard 😛
    I think that morning sleepwalking is not a good time for updates 😛
    May the Derp be strong with you!

  3. Ren, mental fatigue is a deadly thing.

    It will cause you to hallucinate sleeping with Su Youji on your left embrace and/or swimming in the middle of a harem with women from Floating Cloud Asgard…

    DO NOT EVER FORGET to sleep… and enjoy the fatigue.


    >>>>>>> enough of that, thanks for the chapter.

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